About Us

I am Curzon, hear me growl! MOL seriously though, I do have quite the growl. I am the Alpha Mancat though, and this is MY domain! Introoders will be detected and deterred before they ever make entrance! I know how to protect my beloved bean, I've been doing it with pleasure since October 2001 when she rescued me. She says I was a pain in her rear for a while, but she doesn't care one bit. We share a very unique bond, one that is very rare. But we've been through a lot together, and don't you worry... I keep her in line too! You see, a mancat has to keep both his feline and human subjects in line! Then again, part of that whole thing is making the beans think they are in control.

Contrary to what Curzon may say, I am the one that owns this place! I am the Queen! I rule this domain with an iron paw! But I also know how to stay in touch with my more feminine side. I love being pampered by our beans, TSB and Mr. Cat. TSB loves to scoop me up and cuddle me and scritch my shoulder, and I entertain her whims for a while. I try to stay healthy, but with a mean furbrother like mine chasing me around constantly, rest is sometimes difficult to come by. Nevermind I have a son to keep in line too! But, don't tell him, I still love that runt, even though he's gotten so very big! 

(a.k.a. Crown Prince Joseph A. Nimbus of Iowa)
I was born right before the crack of midnight a long, long time ago. Mom was still a kitten herself, but she put her everything into teaching me everything I needed to know to survive. TSB keeps saying Curzon's my uncle, but I don't know. He's been here my entire life, and he's taught me how to fight. I just don't want him to think he failed in that. I just choose to be the peace-making diplomat. When you're the sole good cat in a house full of naughty cats, you have to do what you have to do in order to survive. But I have TSB wrapped around my finger, catering to my every need, which unfortunately also includes a lot of poking and needles nowadays. But TSB never complains, even though everything she would love to do has to go through deeper planning. I love to get scritched, but I am no lapcat! I am my own mancat! I may allow them to place me on their lap for a minute, never longer!