Update: Pictures posted, information and names for those whose tags didn't get flipped coming soon.

Each beanie is for sale for $5 each plus $5 shipping in the US. However, there will not be extra shipping charges for multiple purchases (not $5/each at least - I will keep shipping costs to a minimum but on multiple orders, shipping may push $10). I've had these way too long, and it's time for them to go! Payment will be paypal, unless you message me to work out otherwise. And make sure you mark "for friends/family" on paypal! You can always contact us on twitter, facebook, or leave a comment here.

Item 1
This is Antsy the Anteater. He is in good condition, although his tag has apparently been slightly nommed. It doesn't look like it has been punctured though. I think he went straight into the collection pile when I bought him as he appears to be near fur-less.

Item 2
This guy is in good condition, no tooth marks (hopefully I can keep it that way) or anything else. This little giraffe needs to find himself a home with a collector, because he will not last very long as a cat toy. That neck is just prime cat-biting and throwing area.

Items 3 and 4
Here we have a pair of Glory the Bears. They are a little older, so the white is showing its age a little bit. They would clean up fine for someone who isn't a serious Beanie Baby collector serious about keeping them original with tags and all. $3 each or both for $5.

Items 5 and 6 (and 6a)
Meet Valentino and Valentina, two sweet little bears that would just love to go to their Beanie forever home together! Valentino is the white bear, Valentina is the red bear. They are in immaculate condition, they have yet to even leave the bag they were put in when I bought them! $5 each. I also have an oddball out Valentina that somehow managed to get itself into the collection lol.

Item 7
This much I can promise you: This rooster will NOT wake you up at the crack of dawn (unless you have a gabby cat that gets a hold of it and squaks about it all night). Strut is in perfect condition for strutting his way all the way up to your favorite display rack! Keep in mind that his crown is made of felt which is an EXCELLENT cat fur attracter, so he really does need his own space away from predators!

Item 8
This little bear just needs a good home. He is missing his tag but that just means he's waiting for that special family to give him a new name!

Item 9
This guy is sad because he too is nameless and has had to deal with a lot of cats. He's still in mint condition as he's never been thrown or bitten but he's been laid on many times. He awaits the day when he can stare at cats from safety. Will you be that purrson that gives him his dream?

Item 10
I can play chase?!?
This guy's tag is damaged, so he's not for the die-hard collector but he's in great condition.

Item 11
I rescued this guy from a store where he was piled in on the bottom, but honestly he just doesn't fit in the collection. As you can see his tag is bent up a bit but otherwise he's in mint condition.

Item 12
I might be a snake, but I promise I'm not slippery, slimey, or any of that! 

Item 13
Hai, I'm Nook! Yes it seems I got named after an ebook reader, but I'm really just a wee puppy that likes to read! I'll sit on your shoulder and read any book you're reading! I also make a good companion for surfing the interwebs too! I love cats, and cats love me because I'm a rare woofie - I don't bark, bite, growl or chase cats - or anything else for that matter!

Item 14 SOLD
(Let me know if you want a better picture and I'll try. This one did NOT want to be photographed!)
I'm just a wee sheep that has seen a lot around here. Like my hippo friend, I don't have my tag, so I don't know my name and I've been laid on by some very heavy cats. I haven't minded it, but the hoomin would love to see me find a forever home of my own!

Item 15 SOLD
Mama rescued me from a thrift store where they apparently didn't think I was worth anything because I was in the free bin! I want to show them - and mama - that I am worth something! Help me by giving me a new home of my own!

Item 16
I was rescued at the same time as my friend above me, and while we've been together a long time, if the right homes come for us, we can go separately. Our top priority is having good homes!

Item 17
What can I say about this little guy? Nimbus probably did throw him around once or twice, but he's not wounded in any way. And who knows, maybe there's still a strand of his fur on there somewhere! I have done my best to de-fur him but this is one of those guys that seems to be a fur magnet.

Item 18
I know this isn't a beanie, but a never-worn pair of socks that I can't wear. $2

Item 19
Not a TY beanie baby but a Radio Shack looking dog!

Item 20
A wee St. Patrick's Day bear, perfect for riding in your shirt pocket on St. Patrick's Day!

Item 21
Nuts the Squirrel is NOT nutty, I promise! He just needs his own forever home with a family that doesn't care that his tag is a wee bent!

Item 22 SOLD
This little Y2K bear needs a name - and a home! I honestly think he looks more like a mouse, but that might just be me. Will you be his person?

Item 23
This little lion needs a home because, like the little mouse/bear, he's not TY so he feels like an outcast! Can you tame this lion?

Item 24
This yellow m&m needs to make a break for it! He's ready to run to whoever will rescue him!

Item 25
This little angel bear comes prepared to make you feel better - and smell better too! I don't know what perfume he carries, but he promises he won't chase anyone away!

Item 26
You have to be delicate with me! I'm not squishy, I'm breakable! But I'm the PERFECT gift or the centerpiece for an Easter decoration!

Item 27 SOLD
This little Piglet is shy, because he is without his friends! Can you reunite him with Pooh and Tigger and the gang? Or will you take him in and show him it's ok to be an only Piglet?

Item 28
A wee throwback to the 80s... I'm sorry for the troll nudity but he's been nekkid his whole life! He's only $1 as he's so small and always lurking in the shadows...

Item 29 SOLD
This TY is Grace. She still has her tag though it's a wee bent. She's a special Grace, though. Not only is she ready for Easter, she's perfect for the one who needs to be lifted up, and she's Y2K!

Item 30
Bones is a lonely pup that was rescued from the unwanted pile at the thrift store. He doesn't have his tags, and he has a couple odd spots on his back side (if you zoom in the picture towards his tail you'll see them), but he just wants to be loved like any TY pup.

Item 31
This is a VERY special TY. His name is Rescue and while his tag is slightly bent he has a special purpose. He's a tribute dog to all the heroes that gave their lives on 9/11/01. He's in mint condition other than his tag. He's really a beautiful dog just looking for his forever home.

Item 32 SOLD
This little polar bear is shy because he's not TY, he's small, and he just doesn't squish like all his roommates! But he'll surely keep watch over anything you ask him to guard!

Item 33
This little polar bear doesn't even have a tag to tell if he IS a TY beanie or not! But one day he went to go sliding and hasn't been able to get up since, so he's ready to go sledding with you down a snowy hill or just slide around the floor!

Item 34
This little puffkin is a flashback to an earlier generation, multi-colored and all! He's more than willing to hang with your keys so that you won't lose them in your purse ladies! He's quite old, but he's still ready to go!

Item 35
This little ceramic kitty came from some manufacturer that thought it was ok to make a ceramic kitty salt shaker! We don't understand and nothing has EVER been inside since we've had her, but mama is afraid we'll break her!

Item 36
This locket necklace was given to me, and I never wore it. It's too clunky for me. It has a magnetic closure with nothing inside it. It does come with the box. 

Item 37
This little lizard isn't a beanie baby but he's a beanie like those bean bag things. His eyes are sewn on so if you want to get him as a cat toy I'd remove the eyes. He is definitely ready for whatever comes his way...

Item 38
This porcelain kitty is a tiny little lady that just wants a place of her own instead of having to share space with lizards and stuff lol.

Item 39
This pair of porcelain kitties comes ready for any centerpiece or display case!

Item 40
These 4 plastic kitties come as a set, totally adorable and ready to guard any area.

Item 41
This little plastic red M&M came filled with mini's, but for safety's sake he's been emptied and cleaned out. He's only a dollar. 

Item 42 SOLD
This is the first of  the second set of beanies. This bear is not TY, but like a lot of them he's shy as a bear can be (thus the reason my hand is in most of the pictures)! This little panda comes with his own little scarf that he promises not to lose so he can stay warm to keep you warm! He's perfectly suited for any weather!

Item 43
TWO available
This little doberman promises not to bite! He's not very shy but he's not the most outgoing either. All TY, all he wants to do is sit on your PC monitor and make sure no spooky things scare you! (These are the tiny ones. There's a larger one down the list.)

Item 44
This little mini TY patriot is ready for any party you got planned! He'd love to with his patriot brothers and sisters, but he's not afraid of going alone! He is only camera shy but it's because his little eyes don't like flash! hehehe

Item 45 SOLD
This little teddy bear is OLD. I can't even tell you how old, because he was rescued from the unwanted bin at the local thrift store years ago. Can you believe no one wanted him? I've tried to give him a good home, but he deserves better. One that'll love him and give him the attention he deserves!

Item 46
This little feller just wants to go to a family that appreciates the holidays. Doesn't he just look so festive! He's got his red bow already, he just needs a couple little black dots and a green hat and he's ready to go!

Item 47
Every time I see this dog, I remember why I bought him. He reminds me of the old taco bell dog! "Yo quiero Taco Bell!" Remember? I always thought that little dog was so cute and silly. But in a house full of cats, he's truly out of his element. Being surrounded by about a dozen Beanie cats is asking a lot for one little pup. 

Item 48 SOLD
This little red bear is so hard to get a picture of because he's just glowing with love! Wouldn't he be just perfect for your sweetie on Valentine's Day?

Item 49 SOLD
No it's not our famous Duckie furiend! Nor is it even nip! He's actually a little keychain that came out in 2000. Party on!

Items 50 and 51
These two octopuses (octopi?) are multi-colored though I think the front is a girl and the back one is a boy. They'd love to go together but they can go separate. $3 each, $5 for the pair. Please let me know if you want one or both.

Item 52 SOLD
This little grey whale is a keychain looking for a new adventure! He's honestly never seen a set of keys though, so any adventure's going to be new for him!

Item 53
This little Puffkin keychain is just happy he's not a magnet Puffkin because he sees a bunch of his buddies on the fridge and he's seen humans in not so glorious form! But this guy has stories to tell... and he wants to tell them and for you to tell him more!

Item 54
This little guy is another unwanted thrift store rescue. He'd be absolutely perfect for a finishing touch on someone's birthday present! He even comes prepared!

Item 55
This is actually a TY panda. He doesn't photograph well (and trust me I tried), but he's ready to sit with you wherever you go!

Item 56
This little doggie isn't just a keychain, he's a change holder too! Isn't he cute? He'd love to keep a hold of your change while you two run into the store for that little treat!

Item 57
Another Puffkin keychain. This orangutan (or whatever great ape he's supposed to be) is definitely unique and sure to be a conversation starter!

Item 58
I honestly have no idea what kind of dog/bear this little TY is but dang it isn't he cute?

Item 59
This little half-hatched chick is ANCIENT. He was bought shortly after I bought my Princess Di bear (which is totally NOT for sale), and comes ready to hang on a Christmas tree or even better, one redecorated for Easter! 

Item 60 SOLD 
(boy that took all of 5 minutes :) woohoo)
This little Gund bear is so different from everything else I've seen... Shy but charming, and a head that's as big as Nimbus' was! *ducks*

Item 61
Have you ever seen a TY turtle? NO?  Now you have! Isn't he unique? Now c'mon folks... something so unique and so adorable... You just got to have him!

Item 62 SOLD
This little black dog is the shyest thing I've ever seen. He's jet black and tiny. I think he'd be perfect on the end of a wire rack or something like that.

Item 63
This little Patriotic TY isn't as flashy as his friend I introduced you to earlier but he's just as stinkin' adorable and ready to charm your socks off!

Item 64
This little seal looks like he's ready to go sliding down a snow covered hill or an iceberg! But I assure you he won't slide away!

Item 65
This little squirrel promises he won't chew your telephone or cable wires... or anything for that matter! He just wants someone to hold!

Item 66
Meet Rocket. His tag is all bent up but he's ready to fly to his new home! Mama loves him but she feels it's best he goes to a home more suited for birds.

Item 67 SOLD
This is Item 15's near twin, though this little fella is a y2k bear. He's part of the McDonald's collection too and also another thrift store rescue, as are all of our McDonald's collection TY's.

Item 68
This little dalmatian just wants to GO! I had to hold him so he wouldn't run away! Will it be your hands he runs to?

Item 69
This little bear comes with his own little pillow, suited perfectly for him! Isn't he just adorable?

Item 70
This little white guy would go perfectly with the red one above. Imagine if you got Valentino and Valentina and then the red and white little ones? You'd have a whole FAMILY!

Item 71
See, I even collect refugee TY's! Will you bring him back home or will you grant him refuge with you?

Item 72
As promised, here's the little Dobys' daddy! He's quite the handful but he's got plenty of time for his little minions *giggle*... Will you adopt him, his kids, or the whole family?

Item 73
I can think of a couple of you that would LOVE this little fella. He came on a tourist visa and either needs someone to give him a green card or sneak him back across the border so he doesn't get in trouble!

Item 74
This little guy is going to be the PERFECT companion for somebody in three months! Get him now while you can!

Item 75
This smiley face is just weird to me so it really doesn't fit into my collection. Maybe it will yours?

Item 76 SOLD
This little black bear says he's "the end" but I think an end is just a new beginning. Will you be his new beginning?

Item 77 SOLD
This little puppy is as shy as it gets... Will you give him some love and help him come out of his shell?

Item 78
This adorable pair is absolutely inseparable. And don't they make a most adorable pair? I do think mama and son deserve a home of their own, don't you?

Item 79
Here's another little duckie. He doesn't bite or beak you, I promise! He just needed a little help sitting up!

Item 80
This little walrus doesn't bite either. He just wants to go sailing on an imaginary sea somewhere new.

Item 81 SOLD
This Puffkin Alien is just weird. I admit it. But it's good. Just totally doesn't fit in with my collection.

Items 82 and 83
A pair of y2k Rhinos or whatever they're supposed to be. $3 each or both for $5. Please specify one or both when you place your order.

Item 84
This isn't a beanie but a bean bag like keychain whale. I don't do pink first of all, and second of all he just doesn't work for my type of keychain.


Dash Kitten said...

$10 for the pink bear and I will pay shipping after Christmas!

Marjorie at DashKitten

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Black bear, piglet, bunny with it's poses folded and the sheep.

Dash Kitten said...

Can I have the little red bear too