Monday, August 25, 2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014

There's Something Going On Here...

Love is in the air here... Well, always has with the humans, I'm more talking about us cats!
If you remember I took Miss Zoe to Philadelphia on our way to the shore! I got to tell you that girl has easy MASTERED. She was so cool and calm while we were in town... I am amazed! But then again... If you remember her brofur's post earlier this week and saw THIS picture... you'd understand! Who can easy like that!
We had a splendid time! We know Ivan and Nimbus were watching with joy too... We both think we felt something kinda furry funny as we were getting ready to teleport back to our respective homes. She did want to meet Jadzia, but my bootiful sisfur was on a date of her own!

I was!!!!!
Thanks to the wonderful power of the twitterverse many years ago we have met many furiends, and a couple we have had the pleasure of getting to know their hoomins too! So I finally got the nerve to ask my sweet furiend Toby out on a date! Luckily our mamas approved because I was about to hissy claw at my mama if she said no! *giggle* I know, I know, they don't tweet much anymore but then again neither do we! But our mamas are in near-constant contact which means we still get to meep and meow at each other too! Granted, it's usually Tiger that comes to say hi, but sometimes I get to say hi to Chiquita or Toby! And yes, sometimes I let Curzon say hi too... fat*** stinky brofur that he is sometimes doesn't ask first MOL.
We went for a romantic date on a nice, quiet Hawaiian island and had fun playing coconut soccer (or trying to at least MOL) and climbing trees etc. It was a jolly good time that flew by way too fast! We didn't even get the chance to get our easy on much! Who knew there was so much fun to be had all alone on an island!

So as you can see, we had a LOT of fun on our respective dates. Perhaps we should all go out on a double date soon! But that might be TOO MUCH Coon-ness for poor Toby! *giggle* perhaps I'll cook brofur and his new ladycat dinner one night. Mama would love another Coonie in the house too! (and Rumblemum would prolly like a break from her threat to pull a RumbleSnatch! MOL) Mama always tells me that LadyCoons are special and I can tell that Zoe is all sorts of special! So, brofur, as much as I give you grief and call you funny names and stuff, I am proud of you. You FINALLY asked the ladycat out.

Like you have any room to talk ya little brat! You waited almost as long to ask Toby out! *giggle*

Thank you to Zoe's wonderful brofur Brian and Toby's sweet humom Lori for letting us go out on our dates!

Curzon and Jadzia

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Finally Asking...

I should've done this a long, long time ago... But, like Nimbus, I was too shy and, with your beauty, I thought you already had someone. But when your brofur said you didn't, my heart jumped! So, being the gentlemancat that I am, I asked your brofur if I could, and he said I could, so I am!
Zoe, my most bootiful ladycat, would you please allow me to take you out on a date? I have the most special of dates planned, and if you'd be so generous to join me, I promise a beautiful, quiet, yet fun time!
We'll start around Philadelphia where we can go see some of the sights like...
The Brandywine Battlefield, one of the many battlefields in the area...

The Liberty Bell...
(And we'll sneak into Independence Hall while we're there. Don't worry there's a kitty-purrfect way around town away from all the hoomins!)
We'll go say hi to Ben Franklin...
And then we'll slip off to the beach where we can have a quiet little picnic...
(I promise you won't get swept out to sea, the little beach I picked out doesn't get such big waves!)

And my dear Brian, I promise to have your sisfur back home before dark!


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hmmm (thoughts of a Queen)

Hmmmmm.... I'm smelling something different in the air. What is he up to?