Thursday, September 22, 2016


We are so sorry that we've been so quiet lately. Between work and mom's inability to sit still, it's hurt our social life lately. But our gotcha days are coming up and we PROMISE some wonderful surprises for that LOL. And now with our sweet pal @chloetoby in the hospital with a broken foot we have been focused on her. So please be patient.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

On 15's...

So this marks a lot of 15th anniversaries...
15 years since our TSB's mama died. We never got to meet her but we think we'd liked her.
15 years since Angel Snowflake ran off to the RB. His running off cleared the way for us to find TSB.
15 years since 9/11. I still can't look at a video of the towers coming down. I think this constant viewing of that day is torture. I don't need to re-watch it. It's seared into my mind just as clear as the Murrah Building in OKC.
15 years since we found mama. We count this twice since there's two of us and we weren't rescued together.
And we're coming up on 15 years since daddy found mama. Neither can believe it's been that long. Part of it is mama refusing to admit that she's getting older... LOL
So how are we marking the anniversaries?
Curzon is protesting. He demands more nip. Mama protests back (quite successfully) that if he could keep his mouth shut at night she'd consider it.
I melted mama. I completely snuggled up to mama a couple weeks ago and stayed there, letting her hold me (which I NEVER permit) and take selfies (and kiss my ear - that ear got scrubbed good after mol). She got a little squirmy, something about me getting her hot. Well, I'm a big furry kitty!
Mama has been not staying home on her days off. She's been visiting battlefields, just being OUT. We protest by pouncing on her as soon as she does get home. Mama even asked daddy recently what he'd done to us because AS SOON AS she sat down in bed we were both on her. Rest assured he hadn't done anything - we just missed ma!

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HRH Queen Jadzia

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Happy Birthday Twins!

Hard to believe you were once even littler than that. We were all a wreck when we found each other but we found our way through...

And then we all got founded by the awesomest cat daddy who took us all in, nursed us all back to health, and helped look after the wee lad. He made us a family.

You two sure have grown up, but I am so thankful that your kitty mama took care of you long enough for our paths to cross. I know only you two know when you were actually born but it doesn't really matter. You two have made the last decade and a half interesting to say the least!



Friday, August 5, 2016


It is with a severely heavy heart that we announce that one of our favorite coonies has crossed OTRB.
Many of you know Dante, and we know you probably already know. But for those who don't, he was one of the first Coons we followed and admired.
We can't even express how much this hurts us, and we apologize to Rumblemum for dropping it on her as we did, but our mom was at work when she found out and could barely work and inform anyone.
Our deepest love to Dante's family and fursibs... we know how much it hurts... especially from the coon perspective and heart problems. There is just something special about Coons... it's almost as if the bigger the cat, the bigger the personality, the bigger the love, the bigger the chunk they take when they leave.
Please stop by Dante's blogand give some love.

Monday, July 25, 2016

A brief update

So the cats are doing well, TOO well perhaps. Curzon has been waking us up a LOT lately. I think maybe some of it is bc I cut back his thyroid medicine from 1/2pill 2x a day to just once a day. He seemed to be severely mopey and just out of it on full dose so I cut him back. He's gained the weight he lost back and maybe some lol. Jadzia is still the stunning ladycat she always is... I do think she's enjoying her brother getting "tortured" lol... I'm not sure but I think Curzon is STARTING to finally realize the medicine is why he's feeling better as he's not being so much of a hidey cat but like I said he was just so out of it on the full dosing it's hard to say.
I'm so grateful for all the warmth that you guys have provided... It was a nervous wait to get the results back, even if it didn't take long lol. These 2 have been with me most of my adult life and I cant imagine life without them. I would love to take one or both out on a drive but it's just much too hot! It's currently in the mid 90s with the heat index a good 10 degrees hotter. I wouldn't be surprised if we got a lot closer to 100 than they're forecasting. I'm not hating the heat, I'm hating the OMFGG-HUMIDITY lol. I was all up for taking curzon out this am, but it was storming at 330am. Now it just feels even MUGGIER.
Hugs to all and hope everyone hasn't sweltered into a puddle of nothingness yet.

Mancat Monday