Saturday, July 4, 2015


Hi guys! First of all Happy Independence Day! We fully expect tonight to be noisy but mama took the day off tomorrow so she can sit up with us all night if she needs to.

Secondly we do apologize for not being around as much. Even our facebook time is down.

Mama thought she was gonna get a good kitty last week. You know I have a reputation to uphold! I really wasn't in the mood for a furminatin' either. But I didn't mean to hurt her so bad either. And she took that pic days later.

We both got our claws trimmed a couple days ago. I made up for being a naughty boy by being a good kitty for the trimming front and back except the last two. Mama was impressed with my back claws. She has no clue how I grew them so long so straight LOL. Shhhhh. Don't tell on me LOL.

We've had some bad storms roll thru lately. Last Tuesday we had a nasty storm that triggered a tornado warning as it was almost over our heads! Mama flipped out and shoved both of us into one kitteh carrier and ran us into the basement. Then a week later to the hour, this just past Tuesday, another one! Luckily that one wasn't so bad. So many were out of power for days and one of our beloved creek weeping willows took a direct lightning strike in the first storm. Mama is tired of storms needless to say.

Well folks off we go! Have a good holiday!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Still here

We're still here, promise! It's been a crazy time for mama but we are still here! We had nasty storms earlier in the week and one of our beloved weeping willow trees got hit by lightning. It was one of the worst storms we've had here, to the point mama forced us into ONE carrier and rushed us into the basement. Yep, we had us a tornado warning! And yes mama flipped out. Everything is ok though and we were lucky to be one of the few that didn't lose power. Over 400,000 people did!