Friday, February 5, 2016


I guess I should get all the phone pictures copied onto the computer sometime soon, but just like my blogging, lately maintenance issues have taken a back seat. So how bout a flashback friday from deeeepppp in the archives...

This is one of my most favorite pictures of the boys EVER. Nimbus was still young, not even close to full grown. But it was evident that I'd gone from having twins and a baby to having triplets almost LOL. The boy was so amazing. And even more amazing was how awesome Curzon was with him. And it also amazes me just how much Nim took after everyone. He had his mama's head (though much bigger lol), half sister's always serious face (I didn't ever meet daddy long enough to see HIS seriousness) and Curzon obviously taught him chill very well lol. Cur taught him how to box and mama taught him how to be a nurse kitty (which Nimbus EXCELLED at). I've never felt such a thick, full luxurious coat on any animal, and I only wish I'd had the Furminator then. But then again I probably would've overdone it. The boy really didn't mind getting brushed and he had so much fur it was hard to know when you'd gone too far until it was too late LOL.

What a boy, what a mancat, what a prince.

And doesn't Curzon almost look like a human in a catsuit with that face? Or am I just a too-proud mama LOL

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Checking In

For those of us who don't follow us on facebook, please know we are ok. We never lost power, never even flickered. I'm amazed.
That being said, we are completely buried in snow. I can't even reach the windshield of the van with the broom. I was able to flick a majority of the snow off to unbury the windshield wiper blades, but can't get all the way down. Digging out is going to be so fun tomorrow - NOT. We have at LEAST three FEET of snow, drifts over FIVE. Luckily it's a light fluffy snow, so unburying isn't going to be a back breaker. I'm just definitely going to need to put on my rain suit bottoms to help keep dry. Please keep all the people around here in your purrs. We are not set up for Boston / Buffalo depth of snow. *sigh*

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


The music legends just keep going. Now one of the Eagles? Seriously... someone slam the gates shut and bolt them shut.

RIP Glenn Frey.