Friday, April 18, 2014

Femme Friday

Hey guys, I'm back! Mama got her pictures off the kindle finally and onto the computer! I know it's a little blurry and out of focus but I think it summarizes my day today! As soon as my mama is home, I'm claiming her as MINE! Brofur was hogging her all day yesterday. I tried my best to get mama time but it's so hard when bro is hogging her! I will also get even by hogging daddy all weekend!

Happy Easter, everyone! Be safe and stay away from the plants, kittehs!

Queen Jadzia

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Hope everyone is doing well!
I spent my Thursday practicing my easy... on mama!
See, according to her I've been extra naughty lately. All I know is she keeps calling me naughty and being upset with me. So a couple days ago I guilt tripped her! I wouldn't go near the hoomins and was hiding under the bed. Mama is a wee dense for a human but not dense enough that she couldn't figure out what was going on and coaxed me out, and told me she was sorry for being so harsh on me. I've been hogging the attention ever since.
Call me a pro... I know how to get right to mama at her core.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A note from tsb

Hey guys just wanna say thanks for sticking around. Its been a bumpy ride so far this year and every time I think I got it, yeah right... lol. Curzon has apparently had his feelings hurt because I've been having to get on him so much. But waking me up at 2am is unacceptable, as is eating fur, string, heck anything his tongue can grab off of anything and everything! And now its raining like **** outside so yeah... not my kind of day. Glad I hauled C-biscuit out while it was nice out. He's such a good boy even if he gets confused as to what his name is because he has so many nicknames lol!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mancat Monday

Surprise! New pic!
Mama hauled my rear out this weekend because winter finally left us. I actually went out twice. I spent a while out on the porch yesterday watching mama and daddy "cleaning" and so I was smelling lots of things! I am a good mancat though, I don't venture off the porch - that would scare mama too much. And if I DO, I make sure she sees me going and where I'm going, which is always under a bush down to the basement. I like to go down there once in a while to go mousie hunting, but I never find any.
Sis doesn't go out very often, partly because she's not so good about staying in one spot, and partly because she doesn't like strangers and gets hissy. But that's only when she's outside. When we are inside, she just goes to sleep somewhere quiet.
Mama also has been sitting outside lately. She said she has to thaw the bones out... I didn't know hoomin bones froze, but I'm just a mancat!
Hope y'all have a happy Monday!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A few things

First of all, we wanna wish Marg a happy birthday. We aren't blogging much and visiting even less but it doesn't mean we don't care!
Secondly we apologize for our silence. Things haven't been going how mama even hoped they would be. She seems to be leaving a lot even on mornings she doesn't leave to go hunting. Don't worry she is fine, just extremely busy!
We also send purrs for our BFF Brian's fambly. The sickies have returned but we are hoping they leave just as quickly.

And this from Nim:
I just wanna say hi to everyone and thank them for hanging with us. Sniffie and I have been furry busy with new arrivals, to the point I needed a vacation! My fursib Snowflake took over fambly watching. Tamir made sure my wifey wasn't completely alone. Brian's brofur Ivan showed me a real quiet spot, so I was really able to relax. And the girls had a big pawty at Fin's (I think it was there, no mancats were allowed lol).
I hope everyone is doing well... but now I must snuggle as best I can with mama. She misses me more some days than others and this is one of those days.