Thursday, October 20, 2016

Happy Gotcha Day Jadzia!

WOW! How do I top that? Go brofur! Does this mean I get to get him out finally? What? I'm stuck with him FOREVER?
This isn't fair!

Shhhh little princess...

Mom I'm not a princess, except for daddy's...


MUCH better mom.

Now Jazzy darling you know you'd be miserable without your brother...


I know Jaz, he's stinky. He's noisy. He's a bully sometimes. He's your brother. He loves you. He would kill anything or anyone that hurt you. Every time you cry he comes running. Oh and YOU little lady can be quite stinky too...


I didn't say you were often. Just when you're not feeling well or when you're a naughty girl and don't poo where you're supposed to.

That's because...

No excuse, baby. Sorry. Anyways, it's your day today, and if your gut was being better I'd give you wet food. But you're already having stool issues, the last thing I wanna do is make it worse. So in lieu of stinky goodness im gonna let you fatten up on treats. Just today. Just you. I'll lure Cur into the bathroom and then lock him in there.

You know he's just gonna meow and scratch and complain like the...

So are you don't forget that... LOL. Now Jaz I promise I'll pamper you.

I don't like your idea of "pampering"... it either involves water, cuddles, or (worst of all) KISSES.

Well I sure as hell ain't licking you.

EW human germs! It's actually a good thing you furless apes don't bathe like we do. You'd be even stinkier!

Look who's talking, lady that can lick her own butt...

HEY! How else am I supposed to clean it?

So anyways, happy gotcha day to the most beautiful ladycat ever. And the best mama cat ever. I can't possibly forget when I first laid eyes on you, when you tried to leap out of the human that was holding you's hands to get to your brofur. You were absolutely filthy beyond words. You were barely any healthier than him. And then you showed just how much a bad@** you were - and still are. You may be a diva, but you're my diva... And you sure gave daddy a thorough interview... what a DECADE? We are a family, princess - queenie - the 4 of us. And while we were once 5, we all know he's not far. That being said, meowing at the ceiling isn't going to work. Sorry lass.
I love you, queenie. No more than your brother. No less than your brother. Yes, I saved you. But you two saved me too.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Happy Gotcha Day Curzon and...

Wow. How time flies...
It seems like yesterday I first saw his little body, nearly dead, covered in fleas and oil and other assorted filth.
No one had a choice. I took one look at him, tore him out of the guy's hands and ran him off to the bathroom where I proceeded to bathe him for what seemed to be hours until the white bathtub was literally black from all the filth on him. But that's history. Today is his day.
Today the blog is his. I will let him speak.

15 years...
I had a singular mission.
Find a human for me and my sisfur.
Not any ordinary human...
I was told that I was needed.
And my mission was to find her.
Yes she saved me.
But I saved her too.
That's what love does.

So today, 15 years later...
I have a singular mission again.
You all know I have a beautiful ladycat...
One whose beauty does not compare.
Who makes a mancat like me flutter
And wonder how she can love an old mancat like myself.

So today, I have to make things proper.
It's not right...
I should've said this... asked this... years ago.
No wonder who Nimbus inherited this from...
So please my lovely Zoe...

Thursday, September 22, 2016


We are so sorry that we've been so quiet lately. Between work and mom's inability to sit still, it's hurt our social life lately. But our gotcha days are coming up and we PROMISE some wonderful surprises for that LOL. And now with our sweet pal @chloetoby in the hospital with a broken foot we have been focused on her. So please be patient.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

On 15's...

So this marks a lot of 15th anniversaries...
15 years since our TSB's mama died. We never got to meet her but we think we'd liked her.
15 years since Angel Snowflake ran off to the RB. His running off cleared the way for us to find TSB.
15 years since 9/11. I still can't look at a video of the towers coming down. I think this constant viewing of that day is torture. I don't need to re-watch it. It's seared into my mind just as clear as the Murrah Building in OKC.
15 years since we found mama. We count this twice since there's two of us and we weren't rescued together.
And we're coming up on 15 years since daddy found mama. Neither can believe it's been that long. Part of it is mama refusing to admit that she's getting older... LOL
So how are we marking the anniversaries?
Curzon is protesting. He demands more nip. Mama protests back (quite successfully) that if he could keep his mouth shut at night she'd consider it.
I melted mama. I completely snuggled up to mama a couple weeks ago and stayed there, letting her hold me (which I NEVER permit) and take selfies (and kiss my ear - that ear got scrubbed good after mol). She got a little squirmy, something about me getting her hot. Well, I'm a big furry kitty!
Mama has been not staying home on her days off. She's been visiting battlefields, just being OUT. We protest by pouncing on her as soon as she does get home. Mama even asked daddy recently what he'd done to us because AS SOON AS she sat down in bed we were both on her. Rest assured he hadn't done anything - we just missed ma!

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HRH Queen Jadzia