Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A wee little CurBaby

A wee Jadzia kitt

Happy birthday!

Love you mama! You're the bestest mama ever!

And love you too uncle Curzon! Thanks for the slapping lessons mol!

Words can't properly describe just how awesome parents I had.

<3 forever

Angel Nimbus

14 today!

Happy Birthday Curzon and Jadzia we <3 you.

Your humans

Thursday, August 27, 2015

RBRD Nimbus

Nimbus would have turned 13 on August 23. I have tried to write a post and I just couldn't. There are no words to adequately describe how special he was or how much he meant to US. He was a peacekeeper AND peaceMAKER. He was my nurse. He was my light, my surprise, my life, my patient beyond words patient. I never minded being his nurse; I was merely returning the favor. Curzon may be my soul, Jadzia may be my baby, but Nimbus was my ambassador. He didn't know anything other than love. Yes, he was unique.

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

This is going to be a hard post...
I'll start with our before-us kitties, daddy's first.

Angel, the kitty that survived electrocution thanks to daddy CPR.

Astro, the baddest street cat ever that suddenly decided he needed a home all by himself.

Obnoxio the original diva and daddy guard cat.

And now mama's...

Snowflake the hoomin-switcher

Ollie the rescue kitten. She left him with her roommate when they went their separate ways. He apparently ran away and never came back.

Shadow, Nimbus' half sister by daddy.

And Nimbus gets his own post...

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Selfie Sunday

Jadzia here. Selfies are hard work but I kinda like this one.

Selfie with mama! A mancat needs a lot of mama time, ya know. I also try to keep her clean but she's more squirmy than sis! Mol