Sunday, June 28, 2015

Still here

We're still here, promise! It's been a crazy time for mama but we are still here! We had nasty storms earlier in the week and one of our beloved weeping willow trees got hit by lightning. It was one of the worst storms we've had here, to the point mama forced us into ONE carrier and rushed us into the basement. Yep, we had us a tornado warning! And yes mama flipped out. Everything is ok though and we were lucky to be one of the few that didn't lose power. Over 400,000 people did!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Never Post Sleepy!

I am so sorry for the dippiness I exhibited last week. You see, I didn't even remember posting that Sunday Selfie pic - as a matter of fact I STILL don't. Great picture, I give you. But I so do NOT remember posting that. I'm not saying I didn't. I'm sure I did. But I am just entirely unable to remember the actual posting of it! d'oh!

The boy LOVED his mama. Absolutely loved. He absorbed everything he could that she did, and then tried to do it even better. He mastered laser beams obviously. Love those little Jazzy toe beans too! *giggle*

The boy also loved his uncle Curzon. Keep in mind in this pic Nim is barely a couple months old. So he was totally capable of squishing the little feller, but nope. I've never heard of a male cat, never mind one as alpha as Curzon, being so loving towards a foreign kitten. And Curzon had to have known that the boy wasn't his. But he LOVES his sister, and their bond is indescribable. So I can totally see him taking over "daddy" duties. And let me tell you, he did! Nimbus learned how to swat from Curzon (and how to fight on his back from mama). Nimbus learned how to woo the ladycats from Curzon. Yep, he was a daddy's boy that turned into partners in crime... and snoozing!

Thank you for joining me on this little squee-cursion with the boy. It's so hard to believe he's been gone over 4 years. It still feels like yesterday. But I know he's having a blast with Nissy and all our other RB anipals!