Friday, May 11, 2007

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The weather definitely can affect moods, I'm living proof. Yesterday was very gloomy most of the day, it kept looking like it was about to storm, but it never did. I was gloomy and kinda depressed. Today it was sunny and nice outside and I just couldn't wait to get out in it!!! But no one warned me it was so friggin' humid outside! I went outside and I instantly started having problems breathing! I think I got used to the drier air and the humidity caught me off guard. I was panting almost from the get-go and by the time I got back home from my errand an hour later I was ready to fall over! I got in the door, put my stuff down, and laid down and tried to get my breathing back under control. That isn't good for someone with small lungs and even smaller capacity! But luckily I'm an old pro at getting my breathing slowed down by now.
Today marks the 5 year anniversary of when me and my boyfriend met n decided we'd give the relationship a try - once I got my head straight! I was fresh out of a very bad relationship, and he knew that. We'd known each other online since 1999 but it was our first face-to-face meeting. You'd never known it though, he has been my best friend since almost the first time we talked online. We just never thought it'd get past friends until we met IRL. But we both felt it but both knew we had to take our time. But we still mark that as our beginning, and even through the rough times, we've made it through. We've been on top of the mountains and in the deepest of the gutters. But when one of us is struggling, the other picks up. Every relationship has its issues, and we've worked through our own share. but we're still here to talk about it.
Comcast must be having some ISSUES. As I'm typing this, my internet connection has dropped TWICE at least, and I'm not even sure yet if I'll be able to send this by the time I finish writing! If all else fails, I'll send to a txt document, sync to the pda, copy/paste it into my inbox on there, and save a draft copy and send on a better connection! I shouldn't have too much trouble though, I'm usually pretty good about things like that when push comes to shove.
As my google homepage loaded, I was reminded why I live so far away from Philly... just read this little article! 16 shootings in 4 months on ONE corner! That's pretty much a shooting a week! I'm beginning to get jealous of those living in the middle of the state... they're far enough away from both of the monster cities to not have to think so much about that. But, I'm also quite paranoid... I'm a small-town Kansas kid! I was freaking watching Cincinnati news! And looking back, Cincinnati, just based on murder rates, is 4-5 times safer than Philly! Ahhhhhh I miss the midwest! LOL.
Just for all my cats' fans, they are doing great. Curzon's digging his nightly walks outside on leash and collar, though after we come back in it starts the scratching on the door thing which is very annoying! But I've come to figure out having the windows open doesn't help, he seems to calm down after I close them. Jadzia is doing great, she went out on her first walk last night, after I took Curzon out (who gave up trying to eat a very squirmy worm LOL). She didn't do too bad though I had to keep her under closer guard as she only has a breakaway collar, but it's soo cute and sooooo her! It's got the outdoor cat bell on it, it's a skinny purple one with white cat paws on it - soooo feminine! Nimbus went out briefly last night too, but with his cardiomyapthy I have to be cautious as to not overstimulate his heart. (And there goes the internet connection AGAIN!) And speaking of Nimbus' heart, he's doing ok, though he won't get his next check-up until November at least, when it'll be his 1-year checkup from his first 6-month checkup. If all is well then, the cardiologist is willing to wait 2 years for the next one. And at $400 a pop (at least that's what it was last November) minimally, I have no intention of dropping that much more often than need be! We seemed to have caught it early enough and he seems to be responding well to the Atenolol quarter-pills. The Purina One Urinary Tract food has been doing well with his tract and he has shown no signs of a relapse there, which is very good. He's a normal acting, looking, eating pig errrr cat! All except his daily pilling, which I pray someday he will not need anymore though if this is all it takes to give him a normal healthy life, I'll happily do it for the rest of his long life. An indoor cat shouldn't die before they hit 10, and Nim's only 4 going on 5. By Maine Coon standards, he's just getting ready to come into his prime!
Bracelet business is starting to look a little better. I got my friend MaryAnn's bracelet done, though she wants to be surprised when she sees it, so no pics yet. I'm working on my neighbor's as a payback for getting me the cat litter and she's excited. I decided to do a black triangle outline pattern (though only the two sides, not the bottom, as that'll be bordered off as I cover the edges) with random colors inside the lines. I hope to have hers done soon as hers is skinnier but longer than MaryAnn's. I'm still trying to figure out if/how I could sell them online, though my boyfriend seems to rather want me to do leather bracelets. Aren't they watchbands? LOL Shows how much I know, I've worked with yarn and canvas all my life, with the occasional drift into cross-stitching. I sure wish I could do my football paterns but I have no intention on paying outrageous copyright fees to get permission nor getting into trouble for doing it on my own. I'm not talking big fancy things, just little near-keychain size medallion-like things. I don't know. Maybe I'll freehand a pattern and hope I don't get in trouble. Maybe if it's a request from someone I won't get in trouble as I'm not marketing them much less as authorized merchandise? I don't know. Sounds like too much legal BS for me! LOL. Then what if I'm successful? I'd have to hire someone to do my business taxes for me, start charging sales tax on top of my expenses and shipping... HEADACHE TIME! LOL.
Anyways I better shut up for now before the connection craps again! Hope yall are well and feel free to leave me a message! I love getting them!

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Jeannine said...

I've been having lots of troubles with Comcast lately too. It's quite frustrating. Our phones go over the internet too and they've been cutting out from time to time which is really annoying.