Friday, May 25, 2007

Project Comedy

I've gone and done it... I've painted my 4 spare white bears. Here they are, still wet (except for Mr Purple as he had some time under the blow dryer, and Ms Yellow who's been done for a while). I know I still got patchwork to do, But I honestly don't even know if I'll keep them this way. Mr Green will be my guinea pig, in a day or two I'm going to get him wet and see how much color he looses. I know he will lose a lot, but I want to see if his fabric top holds any color at all. Ms Blue really is a lot darker than she looks, the camera doesn't like blue people. LOL I hope you all get a laugh at me while you read this, it's as much comedy as anything!

I also wanted to show off this cute little guy I found at the thrift store this week!! Aint he just adorable? And at a quarter, I couldn't resist!!! I'm quite the knick-knack fiend if the price is right and it's cute enough. Then again I also love cute beanies and other stuffed animals. I collect them almost as much as I do history ebooks! When I can afford to that is - my collection of ebooks are all free ones :)

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