Thursday, May 31, 2007

Time to Boycott Chinese Products

You know I'm so fed up with China it's unbelievable. First it was wheat gluten, then it became everything gluten that came from China that went into pet food. Then came thet scare that it had entered the human food supply, but luckily levels needed to cause problems in humans just wasn't in the human supply because unlike dog and cat feed, livestock feed is mixed with other stuff, so it was diluted, plus it takes a LOT more to hurt a human than it does a cat. Now it's in toothhpaste!!! WHAT THE F***!!!!!! Luckily so far not anything that is widely used here in the US, at least nothing I've heard of. But still, it is obvious that China doesn't care about anyone, even their own people and pets. It's time we boycot anything Chinese, from food to furniture. Granted, we don't always know what is in our stuff, but maybe if they see their imports going down, they'll get the point. If you want to do business with Americans you have to be clean, honest, reputable, and safe! I'm tired of worrying about what's in my stuff worse than normal. I ain't too far away from making my own canned cat food recipe. I want to treat my cats, but I'm scared to anymore. It's time our American companies stop sending their stuff overseas, and support American companies. The more they do it, the more the prices will come down, the cheaper it'll be. But I think most of us would be willing to pay a tad more to know that the food we buy for ourselves and our beloved pets won't be lethal. Enough is enough!!

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