Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A troubling weekend...

Oh what a weekend. I just want to post this right now to anyone STUPID enough to write someone's name and number on a bathroom wall: you never know who you're going to **** off, and guys, it isn't funny either. Sometimes the chick really isn't that kind. You could really freak her out. Us chicks do worry about stalkers, just watch the news, we have reason to!
Somehow - mind you I've only been in Philadelphia city limits ONCE and that was months ago at night for a concert - my name and the home telephone number (which is NOT in my name) ended up on a bathroom stall in a very uhm... BAD part of Philly in some bar that wasn't uhm.... friendly to us Northern European folk (is that PC enough?). How it got there, I don't know. I didn't even know that's what was happening until the second creep that called fessed up to where he got the number. The first idiot called Wednesday night at 1130pm (mind you I get up every am at 445) just as I'm dozing off. So not knowing WTF is going on, I'm freaking out and of course don't sleep to well. Well, Thursday while my boyfriend is relaxing after a week's work (he works 4 days a week to get his 40 hours, so Thursday is his "Friday"), I get the second call at about 730pm. He at least was nice about it when he realized that I wasn't some *****. He was polite enough to give me where it was, except he wouldn't say what bar. So when my boyfriend came home that night, I let him deal with it. Let's just say by Friday afternoon, thanks to our roommate, the number was removed and blacked out and thanks to the boyfriend, those guys know never to call here again at least, and hopefully will never call another number they get off a bathroom wall.
The mystery still exists who would do such a thing to me. Was it a prank intended on my boyfriend and the person who did this was immature so as to involve his girl? Was it someone upset with my boyfriend and decided to make a low blow? I don't know. It can't be me - and I don't mean to sound selfish here - but I barely know anyone here!!! It's not like I'm a social butterfly. I'm quite antisocial actually! There are really only a couple possibilites, and our chief suspect is vehemently denying responsibility, though only the roommate is buying it. The only other thing I can think of is someone from his previous employer. But though many may know OF me, very few know my name from his work, both previous and current. So that's really not a viable option. And we're a way's out from Philly... and people here tend to avoid Philadelphia like the plague unless absolutely needed! It's too far of a drive to just go bar hopping and too dangerous too! So it doesn't make any sense for anyone around us to do it unless they were down in the area for work, which leaves our chief suspect and our roommate... who wouldn't dare. He's a gentleman, if he wanted to pull a prank on my boyfriend he'd do it while they were here... making him too strong a drink or something. He'd never involve me. Heck he's the almost as protective of me as my boyfriend is... kinda happens when the guys are best friends. So that in my mind leaves only one option. And honestly, the guy kinda creeped me out the first time I met him months ago. Perhaps I was onto something? And now that I think about it even the cats have been wary around him. They haven't loved up on him like they have most of our other guests. Gotta love cats... I should listen more often!
Well Friday went off a lot better. By the time we got the situation resolved it was time for us to go out. It was time for me to get out of the house, pig out, pick up a pool stick, and try my hand for the first time in probably a year and a half. My elbow was so out of it I was only good for two games. But I didn't do too bad for an amateur. I seem to have a tendency to bring a lot of uhm... energy to the game. Even the pros seem to miss their shots. And no guys I'm not cheating. No hip wiggling, etc. Usually I walk away from the table to get a drink of my Sprite, so I'm nowhere close. No cheating distractions here. I won the first game on penalty (its the only way I can beat my boyfriend). Scratched on the 8ball. Whoopsie! He had me on the 2nd one though, but I only had 2 balls left. Not bad for me playin an ol pro! Oh I forgot to mention the food more! Oh dear I ate like a cow. LITERALLY... well sorta. I had a half-rack of ribs and sides for lunch, which I absolutely DESTROYED. Then while we were playing pool a little while later, the waitress came out with a pizza for someone else... which just got me hungry again! So off I went to eat again! I had half of a personal pizza, and not one of them tiny Pizza Hut types either. This was almost as big as the regular small pizzas you can order! I was hungry! And we can't forget about the onion rings! But most of the rings and the other half of the pizza was Saturday's lunch. Being as skinny as I am, I think everyone thought I wasn't eating, but I squelched that thought fast! But it sure did feel good to get out for a while, though by the end of the night I was ready to go home. I was home and OUT cold asleep by 8pm. That's how antisocial I am, 6 hours in public wears me out and makes me hide for another few months LOL. That's why I really want to work from home... I don't do well around people!! Especially during mood swing week! LOL
Anyways, that was the extent of fun for this past weekend, we'll see how next one goes.

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Walter parker said...

It is not nice having unsolicited phone calls I know. It is bad enough when you know who the caller is, but much worse when we don't. Animals, especially cats and dogs are often quicker picking up people's bad vibes than we are and where they are uncharacteristicly acting strange around people it is probably wise to take notice and take precautions too. Catch you later. Walter