Friday, June 22, 2007

I've been assimilated...

... into the Google world!
First came Blogger going Google and me getting back in with that when I got my Google mail when Yahoo crapped out on me. Then came my discovery of Picasa photo albums. Then came the Google Desktop bar... now I can watch everything from the side of the screen. I don't have to open a separate window for a calculator or a quick notepad, got a timer for when I'm doing laundry, weatherbug's there instead of hiding down next to the clock, and I can see who's emailed me if I missed my Gmail notifier telling me. Oh and I got a little pot of red roses blooming... and it all blends in with my desktop :)
For those of you who are wondering (as it was brought to my attention I've been unusually silent about), my cats are doing fine. I've gone back to mixing some Purina Indoor Formula in with their Purina One Urinary Tract Formula food. This seems to have solved Curzon's vomiting up right after eating issue. Now he only pukes when he's getting up a hairball. Much better. With three cats, they get usually 3 cups a day so I mix a cup in with their urinary tract and it seems to be doing the trick. I may eaven it up to a cup and a half of each here soon if Nimbus doesn't start showing some signs of weight loss, as he does need to get the fat off from around his ribs. A cat with heart problems doesn't need one gram of extra fat that he wouldn't normally have on him. I've started to figure out also how to get Curzon to let me brush him - it's quite a balancing act! But thanks to some friends from the Maine Coon yahoo group, I now have some other tips that just might help. I just have to figure out how to tell the two that LOVE being groomed to wait their turn! Poor Jadzia had such a hard time jumping up on the bed night before last, I felt bad for her, but it's my fault. She can't pass from one side to the other on my side of the bed anymore unless she actually crawls under the bed, which isn't fair. I figured she'd naturally do this, but I was wrong. Shows how much I know about my own cats sometimes! Unpredictable furballs!
My projects are going fine, I taught myself how to crochet, sorta! I ended up crocheting a mini basket (umph there's a Jadzia to help me blog!) and a bassinette! LOL And covers to turn 3 round cardboard coasters into frisbees! Haha! But they go pretty far!! And straighter than the coaster itself would go. I just have to get to a happy medium between keeping the yarn on and making it possible to exchange coasters in case the cardboard gets wet. Maybe it's something I could eventually sell... but I need more coasters first! LOL... and to figure out how I did the first one perfectly! I still haven't gotten it down! I finished the lid for my boyfriend's canvas box... but the crocheting distracted me from working on mine and my knit multi-colored... something! And now I'm going to take this top part of one of the non-fitting lids and sew it onto my backpack purse... you know one of them little jean purses that look like mini-backpacks that were so cool last decade... Yes I know I'm behind the times, but I had one back in 98 that was football-oriented and I haven't seen it since I left home, so I got one at the thrift store and I'm going to sew this one on! HA! So these kids might look at me funny. But I won't be the one with a heavy purse on just one shoulder!
I have quit arguing with my pocketpc over my BookLib program for a little while, I do need to get back working on updating it. That's if the program hasn't erased me again, or locked up the pda. I still got over a hundred ebooks I need to get input and linked to the ebook file. Then I get to manually sync the genres up as I have listed on my reader program and as listed in BookLib. I wish there was an easier way to do it, but the easiest I've found so far is to use the Remote Display Control Host program on my PC and PDA to let me work on the PDA via the PC, so I can use the PC's keyboard and have a better angle to view it. We'll see if it works, weekend project. Maybe... if I can get a day to myself!
I've been very happy lately with some of what I've been able to get done, but finding work out here that isn't retail hasn't been easy. I really want out of the people-business, I'm not one for working around dozens of people for 8 hours. But perhaps someday I'll find something close that'll let me sit in front of a computer for 8 hours :).... someday... *sigh* I just work so much better on a computer. Call me anti-social, but I have always worked best when I don't have to work with other people constantly. I'm much more comfortable editing or typing a document up and passing it off for final approval then telling someone that their purchase comes to whatever $ amount. I'm thinking of maybe seeing if I can find a real reputable company to write for, but then I'd have to deal with my writer's block and sometimes that doesn't work! We shall see, just something else for me to keep you all updated on.
No news today, I don't think, unless they find that missing pregnant woman from Ohio... did her adultering boyfriend do it? Did he hire someone to do it? Why? And is that abandoned newborn hers? I'll explore all that when they find her.

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