Wednesday, June 6, 2007

News Briefs

Forgiveness gone too far? - I'm sorry but if my significant other poisoned me, I wouldn't be in such a hurry to forgive him. Let's be real, it wasn't an accident. Otherwise she would've taken him to the hospital herself.

Ex-cop gone WAY BAD to be excuted in Texas soon - This guy should've long ago been executed, especially considering he WAS the law and now he's been convicted of breaking it. I'm honestly surprised one of his ex significant others didn't do it with the history of abusing women that he seems to have.

Eleven year old facing felony weapons charge - Ok I'm all for the full use of the law... but on an ELEVEN year old over a rubber band gun? Come on. Maybe send dad to jail for a couple days for not teaching the kid right from wrong, but the kid was only doing what dad let him do.

Creepy discovery in Honolulu - Bodies in a parking lot... sounds like a horror movie in the making to me!!!

Woman with record-high blood alcohol content released for treatment - Okay I've heard of drunk, but 0.46 is EXTREME... How the heck was she even CONSCIOUS!!!

Fired for HELPING the cops! - Home Depot's going to take crap for this one, even the cops are thankful for the employees' help. It's not like they took the law into their own hands, they just told the cops where they were going etc. Come on Home Depot, get a life!

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Jeannine said...

I would have thought with that high of a blood alcohol level that she'd be dead! That's amazing.