Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Some new blogs I'm watching and cats....

First of all, I've stumbled upon some blogs in my surfing I really like, some from being linked on another blog, others just randomly, so before I put them on my list, I'd like to give them a little special attention!!


I invite all of my readers to check them out!

And now to the cats...
I just came in from taking my girl outside, which is rare as she's the one in the middle who doesn't HATE outside, but doesn't really have any frets about it once I get her outside. She lets me know when she wants back in, but she doesn't cry and fuss about it like her son does... well usually. But what was unusual today is that she actually took a (much smaller version of her brother's) walk today! She only went a few sidewalk tiles down the sidewalk (and of course away from the street even though we live a few dozen feet away), but it was the first time she went semi-voluntarily down the steps and into the world. That patio is usually as far as she'll go! But as I forgot to grab her collar and so I just had her leash hooked to itself around her neck, when she went to run she semi-choked herself, nothing serious, just enough to cough once or twice. I got her to slow down so I could get a hold of her and loosen her up and let her run, and we stopped before that run and I loved up on her and made sure she was ok even though I knew she was. Then we sat up on the porch for a couple minutes and she just loved up on me like you wouldn't believe... including snorkle-like noises only her brother usually gives me. It was theraputic. Thanks, Jadzia, for a little reminder on why cat people are cat people and not rodent people! You ever see a pet mouse on a walk? NOPE! LOL

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Love comments! I thought of taking a video of the mole movement, but couldn't hold the rubber mallet and the camera at the same time! So far today, no new activity.

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll. I see you have some of my friends there too. Good people. I'll be back to visit.