Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Some Scary Stuff

Please read this article to understand what is up with my beloved boocat, Nimbus. As is obvious by his outliving the stats, he does not have the more severe case. His cardiologist said he can live a long, normal life as long as we keep up on his condition and he receives proper medical attention. I am so glad we caught it before he started showing symptoms, it could've been so much worse!! The cardiologist said also that he's just seeing weakening, nothing TOO scary. But my little soldier's been living medicated now for over a year and except for a little sluggishness (just due to the sheer fact of the medicine he's on) for a few hours after he takes his pill, he's his normal self. I think he even knows he's not a normal healthy cat, because although he runs half the time, he always stops and gives in! I hope to have him for another 10 years at least, hopefully 15! I only hope that his mother and uncle don't have it and are just still asymptomatic, as at $400 a piece + gas money, I can't afford to have both of them see the cardiologist. However, in hindsight, he did pant sometimes when he got too hot or excited, and as I've not seen the twins do this, I am hopeful.

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Jeannine said...

Wow! At least it's not something contagious like feline leukemia. One of my mom's cats got that and it ended up killing a second cat of hers. Those vet bills are killers though.

It was an interesting article.