Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thoughts on a few issues

So where do we go from here? President Bush has just vetoed another embryonic stem cell research bill. What the right doesn't want you to know is that these embyos that scientists want access to are going to be "destroyed" anyways. These are cells couples that were struggling to conceive naturally had made in fertility clinics that are no longer needed and therefore be incinerated. So, at the very least, why don't we allow the people to whom had those embryos created decide whether or not to donate them to science? Shouldn't it be up to the citizens what is done to what is rightfully theirs? To me it's almost the same as telling people they have to bury their dead loved ones even if their dying wish was to be cremated. My point is, we should be allowed to make our own personal opinions and the government needs to get out of our business. Let them fund the research, but don't tell the doctors that if someone wants to donate to their research, that they can't get the research funds because of where the donation came from.
So is NYC Mayor Bloomberg going to run for president? I don't know, but based on what I've seen on CNN about where he stands on the issues, I like him. But I'm not saying anything yet. I worry about him taking so many votes away from the democrats (as most of his positions appeal more to them) that we'd get stuck with ANOTHER republican - and if it turned out to be a good one, fine. I just fear another 4 years as bad if not worse than the last two terms. We need a change, and I don't think we can find that in the current republican party. I don't know though right now, it's SO early in this campaign that it seems rediculous that we're even having this discussion yet! But at least we have plenty of candidates to choose from. The more the better.
There have been TWO major fires in the last day, the first being the major fire that killed 9 firefighters in Charleston, the second in Philadelphia that went to SEVEN alarm. I've never heard of a fire going to SIX much less SEVEN alarms! My heart goes out to the families of the firefighters who died fighting that blaze. It's never easy to retrain your instincts to go into the line of danger, and its even harder for the families to live each day praying their loved one returns home from work. I guess a part of me says the spouse of firefighters, police officers, and soldiers should be paid at least a little just for their endurance, support, and sacrifice. I know, it sounds communistic, but someone needs to support the ones who support our bravest citizens. And until society does it, perhaps we should have another means.

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