Sunday, June 24, 2007


I had a bad feeling from the beginning about the missing Ohio woman case. When I learned that the "boyfriend" was married to someone else and had a history that no police officer should have, my heart sunk. And now that they've found her body and he apparently led the police to her body tells me he knows its over and it's just a matter of time before he fully confesses (if he hasn't already) and hopefully tells WHY he did it. The family deserves that, and more importantly, his son deserves to have that answer when he's old enough to understand what has gone on in his early years.
Isn't the news supposed to be unbiased? Have you watched CNN lately? It is obvious that at least some reporters and commentators are unable to remain neutral and report the news. Fox is no better, as Bill'O as MSN's Keith Olbermann calls him refuses to even cover the war in Iraq. So where are we supposed to go for our news? Here's my answer... Watch them all. That way you get both sides, and then go read the stories online on Reuters' and the AP's websites. Read your newspapers too, sometimes they cut through the partisan crap, and if they don't, readers catch it in their editorial section.
My biggest question is how do we both cut off from big oil and cut down on "greenhouse gasses" that supposedly is killing this planet. Now I have no doubt we're not helping, but are we really killing this planet? Maybe we're only expediting a normal cycle between heat waves and mini ice ages. Anyways, back to my point. I detest ethanol, and here's why. It doesn't help the environment as it is just as toxic to produce as gasoline. And with the high demand, it drives up corn and wheat and other crop prices, which makes the food we EAT more expensive. Let's do better. Let's go natural... Hydrogen!! The only bi-product is water, which we all could use!! Think, the water we make from driving could help water crops, fight forest fighters, or quench our thirst!! BIG BONUS!! Of course the ultimate isn't ever going to happen - because we aren't going to go back to a society that walks or uses horses to go where they need to go. And then again, all that wood... Uggghhhh
I guess its safe to say I think I've yapped everyone's ears off for now. I await comments and other ideas!!

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Dx said...

Have to agree with the point you make on news coverage.

As for your options on protecting the planet? Not too sure - but I'll think about it some more.