Monday, July 23, 2007

Disgust turns to OUTRAGE

Ok, now I am FURIOUS. Not only are online sex predators out there now more than ever, in Texas, there is a DA (district or county attorney for my non-American readers) who REFUSES to prosecute nearly two dozen predators CAUGHT soliciting from people who they thought were young teenagers!!Here's the scoop, in two parts.First, NBC, one of our main free TV networks, runs a show called "To Catch a Predator" that lures these creeps in and then confronts them, and as the creep goes to leave, the cops arrest them. But apparently one DA won't prosecute, though I didn't hear why. I don't care. THERE IS NO EXCUSE. A law was broken, what if the "victim" was REALLY a child?Now to add insult to injury, a DA got caught in one of these stings!! But when the cops went to arrest their own DA, he committed suicide! Oh and get THIS. Now his wife is suing NBC for $100million because of it! What the f***?!? Lady, your husband was a creep, and God only knows what he was doing to others' kids, if not your own. He's better off this way, let God deal with him.

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