Saturday, July 21, 2007

I have the BEST neighbor!

My neighbor got home from the beach late last night (while I was up all night from a combo of things that just have to happen and things I just shouldn't have done), and since all our lights were out, she came down this afternoon with this little surprise for me!! Ain't it the cutest little thing? Ya'll should see what she got my bf and our roommate, but while my international friends would probably laugh, my fellow Americans probably would not LOL. And even IF they did laugh, I couldn't risk putting em online anyways - I'm sure SOMEONE would be offended and probably get my lil hole in the 'net shut down!
For those who know I've been under the weather lately, I'm slowly showing signs of possibly getting better - except dumb*** lactose intolerant me ate 3x as much cheesecake as I should've last night! So, so much for feeling better! But dangit, it was good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, hopefully this will soon pass, especially considering how happy I was when the pain killers kicked in yesterday - BEFORE the cheesecake binge! I'm going to wait a couple days before I finish that piece off!
Anyways, folks, I'm off for now, hope everyone is well...


Cheryl said...

There's nothing like good neighbors. I have a bunch of them and even go on vacation with one of them. I'm very thankful.

Yum to cheesecake, even when you know you shouldn't have it. I can never eat just one bowl of ice cream because I love it. I'm so glad I'm not lactose intolerant. I'm sorry you are.

Jeannine said...

I think you should tell us what the other gifts were--at least email with the answer. ;-)