Wednesday, July 18, 2007

There's hope still...

I went back to the thrift store today and one of the ladies that was working last thursday was there today. Of course she didn't find it, but she did a more thorough search and genuinely cared. That was very comforting! At least I know SOMEONE looked :)
The local pharmacy here is Eckerd's, which apparently just got bought out by Rite Aid. What a good deal for me! We needed some more Aleve, the way we all ache here it seems, and I always get store brand as it's sooo much cheaper! Well, they are selling off anything with the Eckerd's name on it for STEEP clearance prices, and it turns out the 120ct bottle of their "Aleve" was marked down 75%, making it less than $2 a bottle!!!!!!! Holy s***!!!! I told the lady to ring me up for a second bottle while she was at it and while it was clearing my bankcard, I swooped it up! Of course I'd love to be able to sell the one bottle for $5, but I'm too honest, I told everyone I see (including the lady at the thrift store) on a regular basis about it, as I know many who ache as much if not more than I do. So, needless to say, I won't be needing more for a while. But there's no such thing as too much pain killers in a house of 3 LOL.
As for the cats, they are doing great. Nimbus and Jadzia (oddly enough for my scaredycat) have taken big time to my neighbor upstairs, Nimbus even sat with her a couple times for a few minutes earlier today.
I also got the sides and bottom cut out for the roommate's canvas box that I've kept promising him last night, and I think I've got the patterns I want, though I screwed up on one of the walls, so now I don't have enough canvas on that sheet for the lid. So I'm going to TRY to use the other sheet (which is slightly different) for the lid, but that's a way's off, as I've not even put the patterns onto the walls with the marker yet. Bein' the boy from KY that he is, gotta have his UK side, and since the Bengals' head won't fit, I'm throwing on a Reds "C" for him on another side. Another wall will be a miniature flag-like emblem, and another will be the Liberty Bell. If I get the balls up I MIGHT try to do an EGA (eagle globe n anchor - Marine thing) for one of the walls or the bottom. I don't have a set bottom pattern yet. But I could still try a Bengals "B" too. We'll see.
I've discovered a couple new blogs lately that I've yet to add to my list but I will here soon. One just commented on one of my earlier posts a few minutes ago, so I shall get busy soon. But without my wifi card, it's not as easy to surf at 2am! (Well, try impossible.) But, once I get that card and get back mobile I'll go thru the ones I haven't posted yet that are on the PDA and on here and add the missing ones from both to my list.
So, in closing, here's the thought of the day. What was going through Michael Vick's head when he thought he could even host a dogfighting ring?!? I KNOW he's extremely well-paid by the Atlanta Falcons and the NFL. And what's up with electrocuting, hanging, and/or drowning dogs that lose a match? What should be done? Should he sit in prison for a few years, the rest of his life, or as my Mom would surely suggest, an eye for an eye - put him in the ring! Time will tell, and as much as is the American way, "innocent until proven guilty" - to NOT know this is going on at one of your homes is hard to fathom and to not stop it instantly is unbelievable and sickening. But as my pal Walter says, "What say you?"

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