Friday, July 20, 2007


Well, my wifi card ended up not costing me a penny, thanks to MyPoints, and my cuz. She has much more use of those points then I do, so I ordered her another WalMart gift card with the points I had left! It'll only take me another 5 years to build back up the points, but it's ok! It's not like I'm losing it again!!!!! LOL The card is in process of being ready to be shipped apparently (I guess it takes more than 5 min to find the card, throw it in an envelope, stamp it, and mail it), so I'm still hopeful I'll have it by month's end.
I started working on the roommate's canvas box yesterday, though I found the sides of the lid that I thought I was missing that I'd bought a whole new sheet of canvas for yesterday. Oh well, no such thing as too much canvas for me, esp at $0.41/sheet. I have designs for the sides already stenciled out on each piece, in perma marker of course (though it's not-so-permanent on plastic, as some was coming off on the yarn, but not where it was going to be seen), but I only got the white outline of one of his emblems done. I tried to do a little more on it last night by flashlight, but only got 1 row of the background done.
I sorted out the pda's copy of all my cat pics last nite and today, by cat(s). But I had to section them off into two different sections as I had a bad habit of renaming the pics for a good couple years, so I lost the ability to see what order they were taken in. That and the fact that I've used a couple different memory sticks didn't help either.
Today has been a quiet day, my better half ended up not having to work OT today as the crane operator was in too much of a hurry and it turned out it was only going to be a half-day anyways even IF he'd gone in when he was supposed to have. In other words, not worth the gas money.
So we slept the morning away (which I needed since I'm STILL not feeling good), and then I weaseled what little energy I had in me to do some minor cleaning in the kitchen and the dishes.
My neighbor's spending her last day of vacation at the beach, which just totally has me jealous! LOL Love ya E, but I'd love ya more if I'd fit into J's truck! LOL j/k. I can't wait to see how sunburned she got while down there! Too bad it's back to work on Monday for her, it's been a good week this week having someone to hang out with off and on. O, ok, OTHER than my cats.
Speaking of cats, obviously, all is well with the furballs. Right to the point Jadzia is on my lap purring her lil motor away right now even though I haven't even so much as touched her! She sure does purr a lot, she must be a happy cat! (Ya think? LOL) I was sitting on the arm of the loveseat a couple hours ago and had the twins on the floor at my feet, both were purring, especially Curzon, but I think that was because my foot was so close (he has a foot thing) - what a cat! LOL Nimbus, for the second day in a row, has fumbled his pill, and made it extremely difficult to get it down his throat. Heck yesterday I was just hoping it'd dissolve in his mouth as I couldn't take his biting my finger and clawing my hand anymore from trying to get it from between his back teeth! Stubborn cat! I really do need to get them some more treats, but I'm still wary after the cat food recalls of earlier this year. They've had two cans since I quit giving them the cans, and even then I made sure there was NOTHING gluten in them - and they were Purina-brand. Perhaps I should add "Buy Purina" to my to-do when I hit the lotto list. Just to ensure they NEVER use foreign-stuff in their food. But I don't think I have too much to worry about. I'm just wary.
My next blog will be the one I wrote last night on my pda, saved to my CF Card, and pasted here since I have no wifi card. :( You can tell I was watching the news last night LOL. So here goes... adios and enjoy my friends!

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