Sunday, August 19, 2007

Unavoidable Silence

I must apologize in advance if I go silent this week. I'm not feeling
too well and this has one of two effects. Either I'll be feeling so
bad that I'll I be able to do is veg out in front of the tv and blog
from the PDA or I'll be feeling so bad all I'll want to do is sleep.
As you can see I already have part of it figured out. It might be gone
in a day or two, or it might take me a few more days to get back to
normal. We shall see. Besides, all that's on the news is that Michael
Vick is so stupid that he hasn't plea bargained out of his legal
troubles even though the other three people charged alongside of him
have already done so (almost ensuring they will testify against him)
and he will likely face more charges. The only other thing in the news
is the weather... flooding in Minnesota, flooding in Texas and
Oklahoma from the remnants of Tropical Storm Erin, and the devastation
and path of Category 4 Hurricane Dean and the ramifications of it
depending on where it goes.
So, what I'd really like from all my readers is your opinions on
Michael Vick. Let's take the hypothetical situation that he's found
guilty of the charges he faces in this dog-fighting ring, where many
dogs were killed in very disgusting ways for not "performing" up to
standards. Should he ever be allowed to play professional sports
again? And what do you think his punishment should be? Right now he's
only charged with moving the dogs across state lines and hosting the
ring (if I remember correctly, it's on CNN). What if he faces
additional charges of illegal gambling and racketeering, like word is
he might be charged with this week? What say you? Or even on a wider
scale, what do you think the punishment should be for cruelty to


Anonymous said...

mullah cimoc say all world so ashame of amerika when man go prison more time for torture chicken than for torture muslim. this signal for come the destruct, maybe earthquaking.

this the hyprocite and show so mind control usa people. usa media not free press. ben frankling be so disappoint if see now. this call consolidate.

google: might wurlitzer +cia for begin learn the mind control technical employ now.

Walter parker said...

All cruelity is wrong whether it is against an animal or a human is immaterial.
As for Michael Vick, the only problem would be if he is singled out for worse punishment for who he is, than other people who do the same thing receive. The law should be applied equally for all. Rich or poor; Famous or unknown, shouldn't make any difference.
As for playing Sport again, it shouldn't be an issue if it has been dealt with by the Courts and he does his time or pays the fine. Then it should be finished with and he should then be allowed to get back on with his life. If he is still able, willing and fit enough to compete at the top level then so be it.