Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What a busy week!

Yikes, so much for me enjoying some extra time and space this week... not happening! I spent monday tearing apart, cleaning, and rearranging the kitchen, along with my extended monday errands. I spent yesterday doing 3 loads of laundry and digging out all of my winter clothes (since it seems like it's either summer or winter, not nice fall) and getting all that hung up PLUS hanging up a couple DOZEN shirts that were folded up on the closet shelf, rearranging things in the bedroom (finding an extra square foot or two of much-needed space), a grocery store run for the heavy stuff (cat food, cat litter, and stuff to bake a chicken this weekend) thanks to the roommate, and a bunch of little stuff - including extra dishes from cleaning out the fridge even though you can't tell anymore *sigh*. And today is dusting day (and this place needs it) along with cleaning the bedroom the rest of the way, cleaning the bathroom, and remopping the floors (since monday's mop water was so disgusting). I got the living room straightened finally (been too busy, yesterday was a 9am to 2am task... ugh), and am looking forward to taking tomorrow easy - sorta. I got 2 loads of laundry that need to get done, and friday or saturday I'll have another (yes, that'll make 6 loads in one week, 8 in a week and a half). So this is why I'm still silent, even though I was hoping to be able to kick back and relax and enjoy the r&r that I so desparately need. Next week maybe?!? haha! So, off I go back to the housework... jamming some Godsmack... glad no one's home in this entire section yet :) Peace folks!


Cheryl said...

Wow! Do you do what I do? Stand back and admire your sparking clean house? I'm impressed. I haven't done a job like that in ages. What I'd really like to tackle are the blinds. I just hate that job.

jumpinginpuddles said...

i heard the weather there was getting more bizarre and well doen on getting all those jobs done

her indoors said...

you made me feel tired just reading that! off for a nap now!