Monday, March 31, 2008

On Gore... and Clinton

Well, according to Al Gore, those of us who don't believe in global warming to the extent he does are "a tiny minority" (so he said in his new 60 Minutes interview). Let's see Mr. Gore... You say us humans are causing all the world's climate troubles and we should cut back on everything, yet you have an energy-guzzling mansion and you fly around everywhere on a private jet, while the rest of us fly on jumbo jets, take the busses to work or carpool, and try to combine as many trips as we can when we take care of errands, not for the environment, but because we can't afford the gas prices, car prices, insurance prices, and everything else that has gone up in cost because of your global warming BS driving up the cost of food because grains are being turned into ethanol because the Saudis own our oil pocketbook! Never mind the GROWING scientific opinion that our planet is actually NOT changing as much as you say it is. And even IF this planet warms up, the truth is that we'd head for an ice age as the cold snows melt into the oceans and disrupt the temperate water cycles that make sure most of this world has 4 seasons! Geez, Mr. Gore, it seems your theory is sinking in a load of nearly frozen turd! You were a much better as a VP, perhaps you should go back to big daddy (Clinton) and get a b***h slap from his wife. Oh wait... Nevermind, I'm too liable to offend too many friends. And I wouldn't want to insult Mr. Clinton, much as I can't stand his (*****) of a wife.
Now on the call for Hillary to drop out of the race. There is a worry that she's hurting her party's chance to win in November. Don't worry, any damage she's done will be fixed by August by McCain. He bungles so much the world will laugh at us for how we so mistrusted the process. Clinton will stick it out until she's utterly humiliated, and then we'll move on. She'll go back to Arkansas, lick her wounds, and plot her next power play. Then her husband will break the news to her in bed that her career is over, she'll slap him and ground him to the couch (again), and go back to plotting. The rest of us will be groaning every time we turn on the TV because of all the political ads we won't be able to escape, unsure of which moron to vote for. Obama will be saying to his kin "see what a homeboy can do" while the rest of us try to decide if he is the lesser of the evils. So here's to 6 months of uncertainty and a hope that the next president won't be nearly as bad as the one we're stuck with now.
Continuing on Clinton, she has now said she wants a universal health care package where we individuals contribute 5-10% of our paycheck to our (mandatory) insurance. Let's see here, that's on top of the taxes that will surely go up (mind you many of us already cough up a third of each check), the higher food prices, higher oil prices, higher hospital costs (whether or not you have insurance)... Can we REALLY afford any more deductions from our checks? Give me a break! We have to find a way to bring down prices... And the best way I know of to do that is competition, not forced government regulations. Some things the government needs to be involved in, some things it needs to stay OUT of.

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