Tuesday, April 15, 2008

On Obama, Politics, and my Cats

First of all, the cats... ;-)This picture is what I usually end up with on the bed during the evening while I'm watching tv or playing my xbox trying to unwind. I had to move Curzon off to the side so I could get up to get the camera and I'm surprised he stayed put. I always put my head towel over my pillow when I go to sleep with wet hair (I REALLY hate blow drying it, especially at night), so my pillow doesn't get too wet. Obviously I didn't have the time to move it this morning, and now Jadzia owns it! Nimbus, on the other hand, just owns the bottom quarter of the bed - my side of course. Now imagine all 3 cats on one side, Mr. Cat on the other... where does that leave ME? No wonder I feel so crowded in bed sometimes - and so does he. LOL...

This is an up-close picture of Nimbus. I had to wake him up to get him to at least ATTEMPT to look at the camera. You can see how successful I was (or lack thereof LMAO).

There's my Curzon, half-hiding behind the blankets that I pushed aside when I got up. He was trying to help me play my newest xbox game, though he's not been the best of good-luck charms (I think we're at 50/50 win/loss mission success).

And there's my Mama cat up close... Of course I had to keep her attention off camera... just to get her to look awake. She LOOKS small, but don't be deceived. She's probably 14lb. Ain't she just a doll?

So on to Obama and the current state of our politics... Please folks, we ALL make blunders. Let poor Obama live this one down. It's really much ado about nothing, and honestly, he's pretty much right. It's not like he got caught in an outright lie like the other two candidates have. So let's move on beyond this partisan bickering that has overshadowed the grandness that our country is and always has been. Let's stop talking and start fixing. Only then can we move on.

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