Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Just a few rambling notes...
I'm tired of being treated like I don't know what I'm doing. I know DAMN well what I'm doing, it's not like my job requires a lot of brains. So some people just need to BUTT OUT OF MY BUSINESS. If you got issues, discuss it with the boss instead of just coming over and taking over my job right in front of me. That is BS, rude, inconsiderate, impolite, and just improper. But can't expect too much from a kid barely out of school.
The other job prospect called today while I was waiting for the bus home (if it wasn't raining, I would've walked home and caught the call myself). It's not the one I've already interviewed for twice, and I'm hopeful more than ever about this one. It would require a lot later start time (woohoo), and I don't think they will stay open much past 9pm (new store - not open yet). I interview tomorrow after work... wish me luck!!!
Everything else is working fine, except my big battery's not working AT ALL, it's not wanting to take a charge at all. We shall see what's going on later... it needs some time right now after my fussing lol.
I'll write more later perhaps, I'm just not in a good mood... STILL, even though I should be. I shouldn't be tempted to quit every gddmn morning I work!

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Walter parker said...

Good Luck with the interview Lynx. Just hang in there either way ytje right job for you will come along, eventually. At least for now you are able to pay the bills and get a bit of "Work Cred" behind you. You go girl!