Thursday, May 1, 2008


Sometimes an "upgrade" isn't really an upgrade, but sometimes it is.
Take my (insert explecitives here) PDA. Two of my most important
programs are Total Commander (a better version of the File Explorer)
and MortButtons (which allows you to assign a series of programs to
each button on your device, bringing up a menu for you to choose,
instead of having to sort through all of your programs). Both have
recently come out with upgrades. I did the backup of the PDA first
(that way I have something to fall back to, should I screw up and not
be able to fix it), and then upgraded Total Commander, which went
smoothly. I can honestly say it was a great upgrade. But yesterday I
discovered my new version of MortButtons, though I had downgraded from
the "beta" version, was still problematic at best, as I couldn't add
any new programs to it as it wouldn't stay on that screen long enough,
exiting the program altogether for no known reason. So I had to
downgrade further to a version I knew worked as it was the version
I've used since it came out. To say I was disappointed would be an
understatement, but as the new version didn't really do anything the
old one didn't already do, it wasn't that big of a deal.
So, on that thought, sometimes we go through life so eager for the
next "upgrade" that we pass on opportunities in our current "version"
- but at other times we're so stuck in our current spot that we don't
see (or are unwilling to go towards) an "upgrade" to our life or
This was on my mind today at work as I was sorting through my plans
while working. It's quite well-known I am very unhappy in my job. But
I'm wondering if maybe my "upgrade" isn't at another company, or if
I'm instead just resigning myself to my current situation. A part of
me is afraid of losing my job or getting treated even worse (which
would be hard at this point) when they find out I'm trying to get
another job (better isn't even necessarily a requirement right now)
and having to deal with the constant ignoring that I went through to
get THIS job. But, as has been pointed out by several people here and
IRL, sometimes having a job at the time of application will open doors
that were previously closed.
So that leaves me at this thought... What is our next course of
action? Stay the course or a new direction?


Kahless said...

A good question indeed.

jumpinginpuddles said...

upgrades should be done each month on our own life as well as the computers LOL

Walter parker said...

Yes, a good question and a good blog too, Lynx.
In tough economical times, that old addage of a "Bird in the Hand is worth two in the Bush" comes to mind.
My humble advice is to keep looking and hang on to what you have while it is feasible. That said, as much as I think you should hang onto your present job as long as you can till something better comes along, (and therefore you will have to put up with some crap. And that in any Job too). But that said, there is a difference between Crap you know. Some crap comes with every job and some crap should never come at all. So you will need to judge where the Crap is normal and fair (relatively speaking) and just put up with it then. At other times, you will have to speak up and bear the consequences (Of being sacked) if the situation warrants.
I guess the main thing is not to earn the tag of "whinger", but not be walked over/on all the time too! Anyway that them's my thoughts for the moment