Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day Off Notes

So what's on the agenda on my day off?
Well, seeing as I have to work tomorrow, not much. Laundry's out, though I have to take care of a mess Jadzia made on the bathroom rug - which is sitting outside so it doesn't stink up the apartment. I don't have the quarters to wash it - heck I'm not sure I have enough to catch the bus home tomorrow without raiding the ATM first - so I'll do it by hand and a spray bottle. But that's later.
Now that I have everything worked out on the desktop and the pda, I'm thinking it's time to rearrange my desktop to be more friendly. Right now my CPU is ON the desk, which is handy for inserting my cf card and such, but not really space-friendly. It won't fit into either corner as the shelving sits too low - only by a couple inches on the right side, but too low nonetheless. I don't want to put it underneath the desk, as then that takes away foot space. And into the cabinet below is out as it's not cord-friendly (not good for PDA work). The only other option is on the floor below where it is now, and Nimbus won't like that as it'll almost block him out of his favorite hiding spot, and this being said, will only attract MORE cat hair into my poor box. That's the big advantage of having it up on the desk, it's away from the cats lol. I don't want to put it up on top, as things tend to fall OFF the top of the desk - and wouldn't that be disastrous in so many ways?!? So for now I might have to settle and just clean my desk first rofl. I want to check in on extender cords for the mouse and (especially) keyboard, though now with seeing how well Mr. Cat's new wireless set works (that I bought him), I might even go that route. But that still requires my box be OUT. And would the IR signals from the two sets get confused? I don't THINK they would (as the range seemed to be so slim when we tested it), but I just don't know and ain't willing to risk it. Just right now as my setup stands, I barely have room for the PDA unless I move the keyboard, and the keyboard barely has enough room to move anywhere but on top of the desk. I'm thinking about putting a side-box set in next to the hard drive, but from the floor, at about the level of the keyboard tray that rarely gets used except as a giant mousepad (LOL) for the PDA, as it can't suck in cat hair like the hard drive can and will. But this doesn't alleviate the need for space on the desk. (Then again it doesn't alleviate my typos either - I'm so glad you can't see every keystroke I make right now ROFL!)
Now that my PDA is up and running nice, I have to go through my MortButtons and resort all the programs and games in the two buttons that house those lists respectively. I have them sorted on paper - though I have to make a few minute changes on #2 (the programs button) for a program switch and the two PDA on PC proggies I haven't decided whether or not to reinstall yet. With the keyboard for the PDA and the majority of my work on either that required those programs done, I really don't see much of a use for them. Now if only I could buy a mouse for the PDA. My old PDA KB had one, but it long ago died, and I think it ended up in the trash long ago too. It was like a laptop mouse, just a little ball attached to the keyboard to simulate a mouse. I liked it, but I discovered the hard way that Targus isn't ALWAYS the best brand. I like my StowAway much better anyways, and it even came with its own case (not that it gets used lol). I went through my games button (#3) and wrote down each game on a piece of 3x5 index card (I split each card into 8 equal pieces, as I have way too many to go any less). I then sorted by how often I play and how much I like each game and then sorted from there, so that (once I sort on the PDA) I'll have more easy access to my most frequently played games - not like I have time for entertainment anymore.
I haven't been playing my xbox or gamecube games lately, heck, it's probably been a month or two since I last played either of them. It's not that they lost my interest or anything, it's just that I find myself sleeping more on my days off than anything, and even when I'm not, I'm trying to steal every minute of quiet time I can (right now even the sound of me typing away is too loud, but I can't help that lol).
I've also been contemplating about checking into simultaneous posting of my blog here to MSN Spaces and/or Yahoo360, but that's a part of my past, and up until lately both pages had been deleted - I think my Spaces page somehow reappeared, though back at start-up settings. You guys (and gals) are my readers, and no one over there (in either case) ever paid any real attention to me, so here I stay. Don't worry I'm not going ANYWHERE. I might vanish for a few days now and then (but who doesn't), as I get so tired sometimes or run out of stuff to talk about, but I've put in WAY too much work to this blog to move it. So it doesn't have all the bells and whistles that the others might have. So what. It's nothing a couple widgets can't change. And I like the flexibility, something neither of them can claim to have. Some bigger blogs that I read have left the format, and fine. But by no means am I big, heck most of you are bigger than me. This isn't meant to be a "popular" blog, just one that gives anyone who stumbles across me a glimpse into me and my opinions (like them or not).
I also want everyone to know that whether or not I comment on your blogs, I do read everyone's blogs, whether it be through my PDA RSS reader, Google Reader (PC or PDA version), or actual surfing. I stay up with all of you, though sometimes I get a day or two behind. You guys warm my heart, give me strength, and remind me of everything I could be, might be, or should be. Sometimes I merely don't leave comments as I'm not in a program capable of doing that, though I usually try to email if I can. But a lot of times (especially on some of my more-recent additions to my roll), you guys and gals just leave me speechless! So, in the midst of so many leaving or moving their blogs, rest assured that not only am I still here writing mine, but I'm reading yours too, and if I have to leave, as I did the last time, I will tell you as soon as I can.
Off I go now, to eat before my food gets cold, and I babble and ramble everyone to sleep!

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