Wednesday, June 25, 2008

On The Supreme Court Today

So now the "supreme" court has ruled that you can't execute a child rapist. So in other words, we can't kill those who rob our future of their future unless they kill them. Ok, I understand their fear that it'd lead us down a slippery slope. But where I come from, if you violate a child (or woman) in such a manner, you might as well WISH you were in the cops' hands, because what you were liable to get from the victim's family and probably the entire community would be much worse. IMHO, sex crimes should be permitted to be death-penalty cases if the circumstances warrant. This world doesn't need ANY creep that sees nothing wrong with raping a child. In the very least, if the government can't kill them, at least make them serve their time in GP (general population). There's a few guys in there who are already serving long or life sentences that I'm sure wouldn't mind dishing out a little real justice free of charge. Or maybe make them go through every day what their victim went through. I know, I shouldn't be so vindictful. But we're talking children here. Paws off, Supreme Court.

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Enola said...

I totally agree. This is a child we are talking about here. The law is limited to victims under 12. And as far too many of us know, the victims are dead in so many ways - even if just on the inside.