Sunday, June 8, 2008

Oofah! The Heat!!

I don't know how many of you live on the east coast of the US - some of you I KNOW don't - but I think every one of us that does would agree on one thing. IT IS HOT - HELLAHOT! It's almost hot enough to make me think I was living in Arizona again! Of course, with this humidity, it'd be the desert during monsoon season, when there's only sporadic rains but constant humidity that makes the already-miserable heat absolutely unbearable. Last I checked the weather, it was ONLY 94... But the heat index was 99 because the humidity is well over 50%. Of course that was a good half-hour ago at least, and for me to try to check now would require a massive feat I'm not about to perform as I'd be getting either scratched for disturbing cats or squishing expensive electronic devices with either my brute weight (lmao) or moisture. With those two clues, I'll let you deduce where I'm at LOL.
It's been so hot this week I'm seriously considering hacking off my hair early and donating it to the adult-cousin of Locks of Love. I really hate to not donate to a kid this time, but I can't take this head of hair all summer if it's going to be THIS dang hot! So I am thinking about going out tomorrow morning and getting it hacked off. I haven't decided yet but with this heat and no end in sight (it's only supposed to get down to like 75 tonight), I don't see much of an option here! It might come down to a matter of life and death as this hair is increasing my body temperature by several degrees and in this heat that can be dangerous. I can't pull it up in a bun or anything because it won't stay and even IF it did, it'd only give me a headache that's best avoided. I cannot risk getting adapted to the Aleve. This is why I tolerate so much pain. If I took a pill every time I ached, I'd be so adapted to every pain medication that I'd be in deathly pain by now. So this is my best option, and it's trained my brain to ignore most of the normal aches and pains. Sometimes instead of numbing the pain it's best to retrain the brain to deal with the pain. Unfortunately, this too is a painful process, but one I have been on for all of my adult life and probably most of my teens as well as I started to realize that my body was adapting to Ibuprophen. Unfortunately my body adapted to Ibuprophen in ANY dosage so I'm already down one pain killer and asprin only works on fevers for me. So that means - luckily - I don't have to use Aleve for that. Woohoo! Luckily even more is the fact that most "fevers" I get are just my body telling me I need to lay down for a while so it can rest, and not a sign of illness.
Anyways, I am off for now... I might write more later, but for now I need to rest. It IS my day off after all! But if anyone has an instant messenger and would like to talk, drop me an email and I'll give you the info you need for whichever instant messenger client you use or would prefer. I'll be near some source of internet (whether PC or PDA) most of the day. Talk soon ya'll!

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