Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dang PDA

Lost over half of my mobipocket ebooks! Just magically vanished off of the CF Card. Don't know how, but they did. Luckily I have full backup of almost everything on the card on the pc, especially pics and ebooks!! Easy fix - this time. *grumble* So now I'm off to check the pics... gargh
So how has your day been? I can't complain - it's almost noon and I just stumbled out of bed, though I've been awake since 6 :( It's ok though, it keeps me scheduled :)
Hehe... just finished the cats - I actually hadn't moved all the new pics to the pc yet... whoops. Now they're on the pc too, whew. Well, ok to be fair, they were ON the desktop, but not in the cf backup folder. Some things I keep multiple backups of.
I'll write more when I feel more gabby lol.

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