Friday, July 25, 2008


Well it looks like I finally got some good news, but damn was it a rough week, er, day.
It started last night. I got to bed way too late because I was fighting a new proggie on the PC for making PDA themes (desktop images of a sort - PDA style). Well, by the time I got it all figured out and adjusted right, it was well after 9pm. Oops. Then I couldn't get to sleep. So I used my PDA as an ipod for a while. But the program is being buggy so the "random" feature isn't as random as one would expect (a certain song kept repeating every couple times it seemed).
Then this morning I just couldn't crawl out of bed - for obvious reasons! Then as I turned on the PDA to check the weather (less light so it's easier on the eyes than the TV first thing in the am) the CF card was dead! Now mind you almost EVERYTHING is on that card. Luckily I just backed it up onto the PC a couple days ago - whew! Well, the desktop wanted to reformat it but take a gb of memory out of it - no way. So I tried to find answers on the net while getting ready for work - only to get behind and lose things along the way. But I managed to not make my ride wait but a minute - and only because I forgot my hat!
Ok, so that being said, work went like hell too. I had a lady bitch at me for "arguing" with her when I was just trying to explain something to her and she just wouldn't shut up and understand what I was saying. I never even raised my voice at her - surprisingly. I went on lunch but had to settle for some expensive stuff as I didn't bring anything with me. Then the big wigs came in - meeting at my work to head over to another store for a grand opening party (they actually opened a couple weeks ago). One of them somehow dropped a GLASS jar of chip dip... But I got kudo's for doing such a good job "on the clutch" (Mr. Cat's never heard that phrase, so I'm betting many of you haven't either, it's the same thing as on the fly). There was other crap going on along the way but obviously nothing too exciting.
So I got home and started tinkering with the CF card again. (I was in so much of a hurry to figure out what was wrong, I walked home instead of waiting on the bus!) I let the PDA reformat it (what did I have to lose - the worst thing that could happen was it do the same thing to me the desktop was intent on doing) - and surprisingly it did it right! So I spent probably a half hour moving things back and then cherry-picking my mp3 list again out of my desktop playlist. Luckily through most of it, because I just had to let the PC do it's thing, I was able to catch up on my Google Reader. So now I'm fixed except to go through the mp3's and toss - er delete - the ones I don't really want on the PDA.
Oh and other news. A few mornings ago I was given a head's up on a couple potential jobs that I could apply for that pay a LOT more than I'm currently making. (Let's just say I'd have to be with this company for YEARS to get to the wages I'm talking about.) Well, that was Tuesday. I went to try to scope them out, but I couldn't find them, but did find out where they actually were by the end of my ability to walk. It was too hot and humid. But I did something I was planning to wait on doing until the end of summer but just couldn't anymore - I had my hair chopped off - well 8 inches of it! It now sits barely touching my shoulders, short enough to be a LOT cooler (and even more importantly, lighter) but long enough to still be put back in a ponytail for work. Perfection indeed. When I can get to that point I will get a picture taken (maybe a front shot, who knows) and maybe post it (if I can get over my shyness long enough lol).
So Wednesday I went out and filled out the two applications on the spot after work. I had a little difficulty finding the second place because it is very well hidden. But I got them both filed and thankfully too as the deadline on the first had passed and I didn't know it but the lady was still nice enough to let me file one as long as I did it there - and there was no problem there. Afterwards, I walked home, closely followed by the second in what would be a series of strong thunderstorms, the first of which woke me up just as my alarm was about to go off at 345am.
I got into work today and the regular who gave me the leads came in at his normal time just before 530 and told me the second place had called him and asked him about me (as they knew where I worked and knew how he's there every weekday at the same time) even though he's not a coworker of theirs or mine, but he's apparently close to one of them on a professional level at least. He told me that it sounded like to him that I had the job lined up already and I just had to wait a month until they knew exactly how much work THEY would have. WOOHOO! One problem - no insurance. But I think I can find cheap basic medical and dental insurance, as I'm sure my current job's insurance will probably be too expensive to carry on my own. But I'll cross that bridge later. Right now I need to focus on not getting too hopeful as it's not a done deal yet - and not get to the point I start slacking at my current job out of laziness.
So anyways, that's what I've been up to the last couple days, other than enjoying the peace and quiet - albeit brief and I know it and therefore am enjoying it that much more. I hope to write more soon, when I have more thoroughly relaxed.

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Walter parker said...

The Job news sounds encouraging but as you say it isn't a done deal yet. Hang in there though.