Monday, July 28, 2008

Who...? I'm sorry, I can't understand this.
During Obama's foreign trip, he visited the Wailing "Western" Wall in Jerusalem. He wrote a note to God, like the Jews do, and put it in one of the cracks in the wall. Those notes are considered sacred by the Jews, regardless of who puts them there. Pope John Paul II did so as well (though he requested his be read). They are taken out periodically and buried in a cemetary. So why would someone there take a note out to sneak it to the local media? And why would any western media, knowing the history and the religious significance of a note placed in that wall, publish it anyway? Enough is enough already! Enough trampling of religion!
This brings me to the @sshole who shot up the church in TN for no resason other than his hatred. Sad as it is that it happened, I'm so proud of those church members for seeing an opportunity and taking it, tackling the bstrd to the ground and not giving him the death by police that he apparently wanted. Never mind how many lives they saved.
Anyways, off to take care of laundry!

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