Monday, July 28, 2008

An Open Letter to Glenn Beck

Glenn, this isn't about ANWR, or drilling at all anywhere we already have permission to. This is not about the wildlife anymore. This is about doing things smart. This is about doing things in a nationally secure way. This is about cutting our dependence on oil altogether - especially foreign oil. No matter how much oil we pump out of our own lands, we're still going to need more. And oil is a finite natural resource, when it's out, it's out!
You say you want American ingenuity? Then throw your support, influence, and money behind solutions that will NEVER run out. We have those options and abilities out there. The wind will never stop blowing, the sun will never stop glowing (well, not for a few MILLION more years), and we'll never run out of hydrogen. Here's something better. Help scientists turn carbon dioxide into electricity, since it seems we have too much in our atmosphere! You are a man of decent means, surely you can start a campaign for everyone to donate some cash into some smart AND eco-friendly ways to power our nation. I prefer the hydrogen option. We are an ingenious society. We can figure out how to stabilize hydrogen for transport without affecting its power-production capabilities.
You say you believe in American capitalism. Well, we are where we are today because the richest and smartest put their wallets and brains were the needs were the greatest. Bill Gates and friends would've never introduced us to a computer if they didn't throw their brains into it. Our interstate highway system wouldn't have even been started had it not been for wealthy and talented Americans not starting the effort on their own, with their own money and their own companies. Come on, Mr. Beck. Start putting your brain and money where your mouth is. Stop sounding like those "liberals" you whine about all the time. Show them - and us - you're better.

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