Friday, August 29, 2008

All Politics - go figure!

Geez, such news and I haven't even written about it.
I didn't get to watch either Obama speech, as I was asleep before Michelle's because of having to go to work the next day, and Barack's because my attention span was shot last night to say the least. I have the transcripts of both though, and I will read them soon.
And now McCain has picked his VP choice - AK's governor - who's currently under investigation. Go figure. He'd been better off going with Pawlenty (whoever he is lol) or even Romney. At least he wouldn't have to worry about his VP being in prison lol. But it just shows the arrogance of the man trying to become "Bush" 44. Wasn't Bush 41 followed 8 years later by 43 bad enough? And you know, compared to 43, 41 (Bush Sr.) wasn't all that bad. At least we knew when to get out of Iraq then.
I'm still not too sure what to make of Biden though. I'd really have loved to seen Gen. Clark in there, but that's just my holdout from 4 years ago. I love any military man that tells the "military's party" to go fk off. (Most of the military is Republican, mostly out of peer pressure if you talk to them. I worked around them, and many told me that in confidence. A soldier isn't supposed to be a Democrat, because they're "anti-military" - probably an effect of Clinton's military downsizing. Of course, they "conveniently" ignore Bush 41's policies.) I really believe we need someone very strong in foreign affairs on the ticket. I'm just not sure that Biden's the guy.

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