Sunday, August 24, 2008

Miscellaneous Stuff

You know, some things amaze me. Like the immaturity of some people in the workforce today. This is not an economy you can just quit because you're "tired" of it. I'd never work if it was that easy to quit. Every single one of us is sick and tired of our job now and then, no matter how much we like our job. Yet Friday this is just what happened to us at my job, as we had a kid - er young woman - quit just because she was "tired" of doing the things that are part of the job. It's not even our specific task list even apparently. She apparently told a coworker/friend of hers that she was tired of waiting on people etc. Well, what the hell else are you going to do right out of high school? Geez. Grow up, kid. So that fkd us all up yesterday, as she was supposed to be working - and she was the difference between things going smooth and everyone running behind.
Now on to Obama - rather, Obama-Biden - as now we know who the VP will (hopefully) be. I am not sure about Mr. Biden, except I know he's a career politician. This makes me wary, but not as wary as McCain makes me. What upsets me is, as much as I said I didn't want to see her on the ticket - that they didn't even go through "vetting" Hillary Clinton. But, with as much as is known about her, I can surely understand why they didn't feel the need to, if that is indeed the case. But now the decision has been made and we can now move forward to November, where we MUST elect a Democrat if we are to begin to rebuild the America that has been tarnished lately.
Ok, back to personal stuff. I apologize for my randomness, first of all, as this is one of those blogs that took several attempts over a couple days to write.
Nimbus' appointment is tomorrow, and in preparation, he got a bath today. Not a powder bath as I usually give him, but a wet, full water bath. I did this as, considering he's having some sort of breathing issue, I didn't want him inhaling powder, which would only irritate him more. He cooperated completely with me, only trying to get out a couple times, which for a cat, is next to nothing. He made no attempt to scratch me, though he did grab onto me once, but didn't even use his claws. He put up next to no resistance, and even laid down on his stomach for most of the bath, which went incredibly fast. He was in and out of the water within 5 minutes, and was dried off and cuddled for a good half hour afterwards. I wanted to keep him in a towel as long as I could, both because of him being wet (and the towel helping to dry him off) and to keep him warm while the towel helped dry him. I finally let him go once he squirmed a bit, telling me he was ready to take over the drying (a non-cuddle cat loving cuddles - it had to be taken advantage of lol). I started brushing him a few minutes later, which also helped in the drying process. He didn't like or hate it - he was too busy trying to dry off to care. He DID let me brush his underside though, and his tail completely. Only an hour or two out of the bath, he is already completely dry, except a LITTLE dampness in the thickest of his fur, but even that is just barely damp. He doesn't look like he just got a bath either, because of the brushing. He will look extremely handsome for his appointment tomorrow.
So what's on the agenda for the rest of the weekend? Well, tomorrow morning is laundry, then the appointment in the evening. Other than that, I'm not sure. I need to rest, and this upcoming week is another fkd up week. So sleep and rest is on the agenda as much as possible. I hope all is well with all of you and I will blog more soon.

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