Sunday, August 10, 2008

Noise and... and laziness!

Hello my friends... It IS August, isn't it? The reason I ask is because it's only 65 degrees outside and it's been storming nearly constantly since lunchtime. It's acting like SPRING not late summer. Every storm has been severe, and one cell a couple counties east of here briefly had a tornado warning attached to it. So you know which way my blood pressure and anxiety went. I felt my heart just go into overdrive even though I was quite safe from that storm. Needless to say I've been watching the weather very closely all day. I feel like it's springtime in the midwest, not late summer on the east coast. Weird weather, I tell ya!
Is it just me or have a lot of famous people been dying this year? Tim Russert, now Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes (if, like me you're not much of a music or movie buff, he's the voice of Chef on "South Park" if that helps). I know they aren't the only ones, but this is just in the last couple months! Maybe God needed a fresh set of comedians and debaters upstairs, I don't know... But it makes you wonder who's next, doesn't it? I know some of you are saying in the back of your mind, maybe someone that's merely famous for being famous (no names mentioned), but let's be fair. I don't care if you're rich and famous or poor and unknown to anyone of any importance. Death affects EVERYONE and the family too. No one wants to wish it upon anyone (in most cases, though if you're terminally ill and in constant pain, death would be a release), and to do so is cold and cruel. But geez... It's like a virus going around Hollywood it seems! So, my heart goes out to Bernie Mac's wife, child, and grandchild as well as those familes of the other famous people who have died so young. No one expects to go that early in life - especially when you can afford all the best health care.
Ok enough gloom. Let's move on.
Wait... Where do we move on TO?
My dang pda... I just typed the "TO" and my pda's Word program suggested "tornado"! Hey, first of all, it's not supposed to start suggesting words at 3 letters, not 2. Secondly, there are a LOT of "to-" words other than THAT one: together, towards, town, tootsie pop... LOL you know I had to get that last one in, but I made you laugh! Why did it have to suggest THAT one? Perhaps it's trying to tell me I've been thinking and writing about it way too much lately. I can fix that though thanks to a cool little program I got. Now if I can only remember which one and how to do it... Ever since I redid the pda I seem to have forgotten how to do the basics lol. I'm ok though. I just have to reprogram the thing, which will take a while, so that it capitalizes the "j" in January, the "f" in Friday, etc... No it doesn't do it automatically, except when you type an "I" (see, I can't even put one in quotes without it doing it). I love auto-correct programs. I need one for my life.
Oh there's a blog - and I'm sure this is going to get Walter thinking... LMAO
Oh if we had an auto-correct button... What would it "correct" - and would it really be a correction? What if that trip and fall you took made you see the contact lens you'd been looking for and desparately needed, or the key you were missing, or a nail that could've hurt your kid? Or that comment to a friend that you initially regretted but in hindsight you realized it needed to be said and you're better off without that friend? It kinda goes along a lot of blogs that I've already written but yet it's kinda new too. It's like my little secret wish for Star Trek era replicators and transporters. I want to build a realistic android of myself and let IT go to work for me. No one would know the difference, and I could just relax and still get paid. I wouldn't have to spend hundreds of dollars to go visit family either as the transporter would take me there instantly. And if we had that ability, maybe if I needed a REAL vacation, I could beam myself to the moon! Wait, if we had that ability, EVERYONE would do that. I best go to somewhere a little further away. I'll build me a little warm cave on Mars, that's it! Hahahahahahaha! That's it!
Ok back to reality.
Nimbus is doing better. As some of you know he's been having some breathing troubles, partly probably due to his heart condition which DOES affect the lungs when not treated like his is right now. But a lot of it I think is this hairball he won't cough up, and the weather. He does have allergies, because sometimes one eye will just be irritated and he won't want to open it. And we all know how allergies affect OUR breathing. Imagine a poor little (metaphorically speaking of course) cat. I am monitoring him closely and trying to arrange a vet visit (we still don't have a regular one) that will do the exam and refill his heart medicine so I can get him back on that (yes I can afford that, $30 tops will take care of his medicine for a whole year). I just can't afford the cardiologist bill, and he won't refill the prescription without the exam. Even the lady I was talking to yesterday (who works for a nearby vet) couldn't believe that. I know if I can get him back on that medicine he will be ok. I just have to get someone to refill it. I guess if I HAVE to I will save up the money and find a way to get him up to the cardiologist, but that'll take more time than I want to take now.
So I am off for now, as there is another thunderstorm - I think this is #5 or something - is here, and while I'm on the pda and am in no real danger of anything remotely close to electrocution, it would just really suck if I lost power right now and had to try to find my way around my pda's keyboard without the tv light to help me out. Call me lazy, but it's my day off! I just want PEACE AND QUIET and I can't get it for nothing today! So the LEAST that I should be able to demand is a little laziness, right? LOL!
Be well my friends, until the next blog... When no one knows what I'll yap about, not even me! Hehe...

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