Friday, August 8, 2008

Update of a sort

I know I've been quiet a lot lately, not blogging like my normal self, but sleep has finally found its way to me, and so I took advantage of it the last couple nights! God only knows how long this will last, so I have to take advantage of it while I can.
I finally found the place to send my hair to from when I had it cut. It will be going to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths as they are the ones I KNOW will accept 8" - and I had to pull to be able to give that much LOL. Yes I know I'm slow, but when you literally pretty much eat, sleep and work, there's not much time left for anything else.
As soon as I send this email, I'm going to snoop 'round the 'net to this one place that might be hiring. I was given the lead a couple days ago at work, but like everything else, it had to be put off partly because of my need for sleep. Work is annoying enough, especially right now. It would only be worse with less sleep.
As you all know, the Lactaid pills work - much to my delight - and so cheesecake has become a precious commodity in this house, albeit a quite expensive one. $9 for a MAYBE 12" diameter cheesecake. Yes I know I could probably make one cheaper, but it tastes so good the way the grocery store makes it - and I'm much too lazy. When I need/want cheesecake, I need/want it NOW not even a minute from now. It's soul food - and it makes me feel so much better. It's probably more the fact that even a week ago I couldn't even dream of eating a quarter of a cheesecake and now I can, but it's a moot point. Truth is, it makes me relax, so pft! It's not like I can't afford to gain a few pounds even... LOL... wishful dreaming there. If this manages to do it, I'll surely brag to the whole world!
So what else have I been up to? I've been piddling on the pda getting programs that aren't supposed to work on my device to work (sometimes). I've been having to fight like hell to keep my hair clean - it doesn't even seem to last a day anymore - my hair doesn't stay clean-looking for long when it's short. I'm thinking I might have to switch back to Pantene or Head and Shoulders while my hair is short - the VO5 just might not be fit for my short-hair issues (I wasn't using this shampoo 2 years ago last time I donated). It still FEELS clean - it just doesn't look it - it looks like it's in early stages of oily, starting to clump together a little like it does when it starts getting oily. I know stringy hair seems to be in fashion lately, but NOT MY HAIR. Oily hair = MAJOR headache. So no, I don't go there. Let's see, what else... I'm trying to figure out what's up with my desktop, as it seems to be having issues shutting down which is usually a sign of a trojan or spyware, but my scanners aren't picking up anything. I may just save my stuff and go back to a date/time I know my computer was working fine. But not before I at least TRY to figure out what happened in the first place a bit more. I'm trying to be a little more social, but it's so awkward for me. I grew up all alone, without many friends at all, so I really feel much more comfortable that way - preferably just me, Mr. Cat and my cats. Speaking of cats... can cats get a sinus infection? Just a thought. Oh... and in a minute, after I post this, I'm going to put up a separate post - new Curzon pics, just taken a little while ago, curled up in a box that was once a 12-pack of 1 liter bottles that I got off of a place that I frequently shop at so that I could carry some little things easier. Well, leave it to Mr. Curzon, box equals bed to him LOL. That's why I left it out though, because I know how he loves a box, the smaller the better even though he's NO small cat.
So, one last thing before I go. I just want you all to know that I'm still reading... I promise. I just usually do my reading when I just get in from work or just about to go to sleep - not very good times for replying.
Enola, JIP, thanks for being courageous enough to talk about stuff most of us wouldn't dare of talking about.
Andrew (even though I'm not sure you read my blog), keep on going on getting closer to that ultimate goal. You'll make it. I hope you're enjoying your new PC too!
Shella, you've been much too quiet lately :P
Tom, I miss you man! I need my political junkie co-conspirator!
And Walter... dang you, you always right the most thought-provoking blogs when I am off to bed. I'll get back to you later on one of your recent ones. If I remember...
Cheryl - Damnit woman! I wanna be on the beach! *cry*
L'Wanderer - congrats on the new job!!! And hey - can I come over with my laundry, you know, to help break in the new "tool" you got? LOL just kidding.
And finally, Wingman, good to see you're still alive and kicking. Hope you stayed out of trouble in NJ.
So folks I am off for now. Be well my friends!
(And I'm sorry if I forgot someone I meant to mention, but I'm staring at a clock that's telling me I need to be in bed in 2 hours!)

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