Tuesday, September 23, 2008

General Update

Plum exhausted. That's what today is. We're a hand short (as some of you know) at work, so things are a little wacky. Plus there was an error in the schedule for the next shift so they needed someone to stay through and "fix" the error. So I stayed. 11 hour day... Oofah! Luckily my neighbor just happened to step in just a few minutes before I got off and was willing to wait for me, because I'm not sure I could've even walked the 3 blocks from the bus stop home. My legs hurt that much just from being on them nonstop for 6 hours. I didn't sit down at all except for an approximately 20 minute lunch. Yes, yes, I know, by law I'm required to be given 30 - I didn't feel that I could afford to take all 30. I do that quite often when we're busy or short-handed. And this entire week is bound to be like that. I can only hope that we get someone else in quickly - or at least I be allowed to work my favorite section and some overtime until all straightens out. For now my legs hurt, my feet hurt, and there's not an ounce in my body that has any energy, even to get up to eat. I had a bowl of cereal right after I got home from work and I think that's all the lifting I can do today lmao.
I had noticed, speaking of that bowl of cereal, how fast my gallon of milk had gone. Now granted, if it was regular milk, it would've long ago been rotten. But for me, even with special milk, it going so quickly is rare. It sure is nice to be able to enjoy milk for once. There is a slight difference in taste, but not one that affects much of anything and it doesn't affect any food I cook in either.
The cats are doing fine. Nimbus is starting to do better with taking his pills - and I'm doing better at forcing them down quicker, less stressfully, and farther so that it doesn't affect him as much nor does it come back up. Jadzia (I think) is having issues down *there* - and I think the cat grass is the reason, so it's in the trash. It needed to go anyway. Curzon has been my little magnet today, never too far away from me. I think he missed me most of all today, as he is used to me being home much earlier than I was today. I could take a lot more of this though if I stay up at my favorite place. I don't wear out nearly as quickly there, the time passes by quicker, and it's much more fun and entertaining. Plus I'm not stuck in my "hole" for the whole day.
Anyway, I am off for now to enjoy what's left of the day, though I might go to sleep soon - REAL soon!

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