Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good evening my dear friends. I wish to let you all know that I am indeed alive and well, though work sure tried me last week. I figure I put in probably 55 hours just Tuesday - Sunday, though I'll know for sure just how many hours I put in tomorrow. I am worn out and exhausted, but happy. I am hopeful that it'll be enough to cover the rent by itself, because I could really use that much right now - more would be better though! I didn't sleep well last night either, which didn't help. Is it just me or is this year flying by? Maybe it's because I'm quickly approaching 30 and it is starting to make me nervous. I doubt that though, as that's not been at the forefront of my mind. Maybe it's the insanity at work, though that would only explain half of the year, as I've only been with this company for 7 months. We still have 3 months to go, but I am nervous. Quick years never bode well for me. The brakes hit way too hard! A lot of people are scared right now with the economy the way it is, and rightfully so. Now is a time to re-evaluate everything, especially if you're thinking about retiring, buying or selling a house, or going on vacation. If you don't have a lot of job security, now's the time to switch if you can. In my profession, so long as I don't fk up, I will be fine, or so I hope at least. Usually when layoffs and firings start, the weakest links go first. Recently, especially last week, I proved that wasn't me. Not many people are willing to work consistently 10+ hour days. But one does what has to be done for their employer, especially if they intend on keeping their job! It wasn't even so much about the money as it was I was so needed! I may not be the fastest at anything, but I'm the most consistent. I'm there, don't require multiple smoke breaks, and don't demand full lunches most of the time. Rarely anymore do I even take a full 30. Last Saturday, I took 10 early in the morning (a little before my normal "lunch" time) and another 10 after my shift should've been over, both just to shovel some food in my face. I took 10-15 today for the simple fact what I'd eaten wasn't sitting well and I needed to put something more absorbent (namely a plain pretzel with just salt) into my stomach to balance things out. I didn't even eat all of it, I just needed something quick. Nimbus is doing good today, though we're still taking it day by day. I'm still not sure what's going on, and not sure if I'll have to find another vet. The thought of doing that upsets me as the woman is very nice, and seems to really know cats. I just am not sure she's on the right track, as I'm not sure what track we're supposed to be on. My next course of action, should another vet be needed, is a full blood work-up and/or x-rays. This will cost more money I am sure, but the answer should be more difinitive. I still haven't gotten him back on his heart medicine - the trauma from the anti-histamines going down his throat constantly was enough. I figure I'll let him rest a few more days, and even then I can sneak his heart pills easier as they're a LOT smaller. It's starting to thunder outside, and I'm surprised Curzon isn't under the bed hiding as he usually does during storms. Maybe it's because he's right next to me and his sister and so he feels safe so long as we're so relaxed. But it's 62 degrees outside - cool for this time of year - so severe weather isn't even in my mind right now. Jadzia likes storms, so she's cool. Of course just as I type this, Curzon is getting nervous. Laters!

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Walter parker said...

Hi Lynx,
Glad to have you back on the Air. Glad too that you are feeling happier now. We hope that feeling lasts and lasts and lasts and lasts & ...
We hope too that all works out for you financially with the rent and all the other living expenses, and that you have a little extra left over, to splurge on yourself too.
Great Blog. enjoyed it very much. Catch you later.