Sunday, October 5, 2008


Hello my dear friends.
Sorry I've been away so long.
I am well, I promise, just tired.
I hope all of you are well.
I am reading most of your blogs still, just not dropping in for visits as often.
I'm sitting here right now watching CSI Miami - something I haven't done in ages.
Another thing I haven't done in ages - made pancakes - and judging by Mr. Cat's reaction, it was a good thing ;-) hehe.
Nimbus is doing good, still having audible breathing issues, but not as bad. We both seem to believe he's just congested.
I am about to try to put Curzon on a diet, though how you put one - or two - on a diet and not the other, I don't know. Oddly enough, it's Nimbus that DON'T need a diet this time. Both of the twins could use it though. I think it was all the canned food I gave them though when I was trying to get Nimbus healthy.
It has been cool here lately. I really regretted not having my winter coat on Thursday morning - I didn't think I would need it yet - so needless to say it came out Friday morning. It will be worn Tuesday morning, ride or not - forecast low right now is 40! I am starting to think fall is not coming and we're going straight from summer to winter.
Did you guys hear that they found Steve Fossett's plane and possibly some of his bones? I am glad, though they won't be able to recover the rest of his remains and his plane for another 6 months or so because of the weather. But IF it is him - and in a way I hope it is - his family now has peace and a chance to move on properly.
And how much more stupid can Palin be? Now she's accusing Obama of befriending terrorists. And the Saudis are hosting peace negotiations between Afghanistan and the terrorists. They're THAT worried about Iranian influence that they think a peace deal has to be made. Pardon my language here. FUCK PEACE. Send in the whole army. Kill every last one of those bastards. I want Osama's head in DC. Ok maybe not literally, but you get my drift. They're mass murderers, and as such, should be treated accordingly. This is the nature of war - a war THEY declared.
Back to the cats.
This month will mark 7 years since I rescued the twins, starving, filthy, and probably a little dehydrated. Now they're big bears!
And one last thing before I go.
Watch for a small change to my blog. It will be QUITE fitting of me and where this blog has gone lately.
Again, sorry I haven't been on much, there just hasn't been much to say - much less time to say it!


Lynx217 said...

I did it... can you figure out WHAT I did?

Walter parker said...

Apart from changing Cat pictures, No! I can't . Glad to have you back anyway! Do take care there.