Saturday, November 22, 2008


Hello my friends. How is everyone today? It is cold as f*** here,
probably not even 32 (that's freezing for you Celsius-reading backward
folks LOL). I haven't checked the mail in days because it's been a
matter of "quick get inside before I freeze" - or fall over.
Yesterday was even worse, both weather-wise and cold-wise. It snowed
yesterday, and while we've had flurries all week off and on, as well
as another time or two, it was never anything that accumulated at all,
even on the coldest surfaces. Yesterday we ended with probably 2-4
inches of the nasty white s*** on the ground, and it was coming down
HARD yesterday morning too. Luckily I had a ride 'cause it was cold
and windy AND SNOWING, so you know the snow wasn't just falling down.
I put in a long day too, hour early, two late. YUCK. But it had to be
done. There was too much to do.
So today is it, my "Friday" and I intend to enjoy it. Tonight I cannot
do like I did last night, falling asleep with the light and space
heater still on. At least I woke up a little warmer than usual lmao.
Tonight I will crash like I usually do on my Friday and tomorrow I
shall awake (hopefully) in time for lunch LOL. So I am off for now...
To check the mail quickly and then go hang out upstairs. She's cooking
tonight... Yum. Dinner I DIDN'T have to cook - YIPPIE!
footnote - burrrrr.................

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