Saturday, November 1, 2008

Peekaboo Again

Hey gang sorry I've been so quiet lately. I've had a real rough week at work and at home, I'm either eating or sleeping. I've been putting in a lot of overtime, which is exhausting!
Luckily my latest gold-mine find, a $2 foot spa found at the thrift store last Monday, has been helping to relax me. Tomorrow, it's getting a workout. It's time my feet get pampered. Maybe I'll just shut the cats out of the bathroom and hide though.
I got a new bin to hold all my beads, and now I get to sort them all out - millions if not billions lmao - not by color or anything stupid like that, but by characteristics. Wood ones go separate, the bigger ones too, and unique pieces. I made myself a new necklace earlier in the week - all black. I'm thinking of a black and white alternating one now, ying and yang yanno LOL.
Mr. Cat took some GREAT pics of Curzon today while I was at work, so I'll post them soon enough - once I get my arse onto my PC! Maybe I'll be a PC potato this weekend.
I hope all of you are well, and don't worry about me. I am fine. Exhausted physically and mentally, but fine. Walter, I hope you're enjoying your time off. Soul, I hope you get better soon. Enola, get that kid better! Cheryl, give the girl a hug for me and remind her there are a lot of grown women that would LOVE to be in her shoes right now! Oh and Soul - tell that man of yours thanks for keeping us posted. Jeremy, where's my mobile geek? You went all gamer on us! LMAO j/k, hope you are well. Kahless, hope you and yours are doing well, as I know ya'll have had your own batch of troubles lately.
And hey, if anyone wants a job, let me know. It doesn't pay much but it's something. But you gotta move out this way. I'll hook ya up with my manager in a heartbeat! LOL.
Be well my friends and PS...
Mr. Cat - Thanks for everything this week. You have pampered me rotten, making this week and the last few a bit more bearable. You are the reason I keep going, my inspiration to keep working my arse off, and my shield when it seems the world is out to get me. THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU!
Happy belated halloween everyone.

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