Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Hey guys and gals. I was right in the last blog. The celebration was a bit premature. It seems to have been quite a fluke actually. But we are making progress towards getting him closer to normal. We will see how this goes for now. I'm happy to say though he's showing no more signs of lethargy etc. He's just tired of getting poked etc. His last antibiotic pill is tonight, and I think tomorrow I'll give him a break from his other pill as well (as I need to figure out a way to give him the pill with the shooter that'll be medically safe for him and physically safe for me!
We've been putting a few ice cubes in the water bowl now and then for Nimbus to "chase" (to make him drink more - very effective for a cat fascinated with water lol). I wish everyone here could've seen it - Nimbus chasing the ice cubes around with his tongue, Curzon sitting next to him looking at him as if saying "WTF are you doing?" It was hilarious, perhaps you needed to be there to see it first-hand.
Anyways folks I'm off, I just wanted to say hi and let ya'll know the Boo is ok.
And fyi, I'm not ignoring anyone. I'm TRYING to keep up on blogs, but not having too much luck.
And I hear SimonSays is back (thanks K), so WB!!

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