Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oooohhh.... Dangit!

Hey folks! Guess what? I finally feel a little gabby! Hitting my "Friday" tends to do that to me.
First of all, Nimbus is fine. We still don't have him completely regulated, but he's so much closer to remission than he ever was. He didn't get a shot at all yesterday because he was too low and he only had his morning shot today for the same reason! I am ever so thankful to my vets, both of them, at this clinic, because they truly saw what was wrong and went at it with everything they had. I wish they could see how much of a pesky, ornery meanie he's becoming, but just knowing that he's doing better than could've possibly been expected has to be reward enough. He's done with his second course of antibiotics too, and I'll probably end up taking him back in a few months to check for bacteria. He is truly the most adorable little cat when he's all curled up on the couch in that little ball only cats can do. He's not a bohemouth like his uncle, but he's giving his mother a running for the number 2 spot. But he's not as Coon as they are, so he shouldn't be as big. I'm very happy with his current weight and would be content to see him stay here for a good long time. He's built for speed now and he sure has it!
Work went good today - finally. Yesterday was weird and at times nerve-racking! It felt as if some people who no longer work there were back, but they weren't. We made it through another week being shorthanded, our out employees are all back, and hopefully the knowledge that our tax rate should be going down soon will get our economy moving again.
Oh darn, back to the cats.
I found a place online to get the cat food for only like $2 more - shipped to my door! Holy heck, you know I gobbled that right up! They say I should have it in 5-10 days, and with the way it usually goes, it'll probably be closer to 5. I THINK we can make what we have stretch. I THINK. If not, I guess I'll just see if I can get a tiny bag of something else, or give him his old food and just have to give him more insulin if need be.
I had to go and change my desktop image on my PC because I just remembered earlier that MSN is closing down its Groups and the one picture I didn't think I had was my Snowflake. He wasn't technically MY cat but he was. I was the one that cleaned his box, fed him, played with him, etc. He was my boy to me, and it was me who ultimately had to make THE decision and end his suffering when that time came. He was a good cat, and while his years with me weren't the best for either of us, he is the ONE thing from THAT time in my life that doesn't bring back painful memories - except for the bites and scratches from before we were pals! I NEVER saw such a big Siamese cat, but he would dwarf even my big ol' Curzon easily. I can't count on BOTH hands how many times he was mistaken for a dog, but the leash and collar probably didn't help though! There was no calling him a gentle giant though, but a sweetie he could be - if he wanted to be!
Dang it, writer's block! I'll have to try again later!

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