Sunday, February 1, 2009


I worry a lot. I know I shouldn't, but I do.
I worry about my cats, especially Nimbus. Does he understand why I do the things I do to him? Does he understand all I do for him is to KEEP him feeling better? Is he ok with me switching his food on him so much? Is he happy and content with the way things are now? Does he forgive me for letting him get so sick?
I know I shouldn't worry about these things, but I can't help it.
I worry about the next month's bills all the way through the month. Can I accumulate enough to pay them all and anything that may come up? Will I have to cut back on something to make it through? Will my hours be cut?
I know I cannot control a lot of this, but I still worry because I know the cost.
I worry about the economy, our country's direction, and where we're going. Will we be able to make a turnaround in time to save ourselves from another depression? Will we find the money to get us out of this mess? How many more people will lose their jobs before the stimulus plan is passed and people start hiring again to make all the projects that will be in it? Can we get out of Iraq before another wife or mother learns their loved one won't be coming home alive? CAN we get out of this, even if the rest of the world drags behind?
I know I have no effect on these problems, but I worry still because I know it all affects us sooner or later.
I worry about my peeps. Will they survive the next round of layoffs? Will they be able to find work in time if they are laid off? Do they have enough money to see them through the drought should the worst come?
I know most of my "peeps" don't think much about me, but I still care because they're my "peeps" and nothing can change that.
I worry because I must.
To not worry is to be lazy, to procrastinate on taking action. To worry means the problems are in sight and solutions are in the works. To worry makes you fix the problem and be able to STOP worrying.
Faith only goes so far. We cannot count on God to fix all of our problems. God gave us a brain for a reason: to fix our own problems so that when we DO need help, it's something God can make a bigger impact on. No one would notice God giving you an extra week at a job so you can transition without losing some money. EVERYONE notices when the tornado fizzles out right before a crowded school or when a baby miraculously survives being trapped for hours on end.
So my thought today is to not sweat the big stuff so much. The big stuff you have help for. Don't sweat the small stuff either, just make the small stuff smaller. And get a larger trash can for all the "stuff" that no longer concerns you. Let go of what you can, set free what you must, and hold onto those who need you the most. Tomorrow may very well come a day too late.

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Good blog Lynx,
Something similar but with more detail to what I posted today. Have a good week there, Walter