Sunday, June 28, 2009

Who's next?

My goodness we've had a lot of dying this week: Ed McMahon, Farrah Faucett, Michael Jackson, and now Billy Mays. Let's be real here; McMahon we kinda expected, he WAS sick and old. Same thing with Farrah, she was fighting the big fight with the big C. Michael, well, who really knows what was going on with him. But Billy Mays, the pitchman of pitchmen? What the hell? That one has me stumped - and wondering if the hard landing Saturday at the airport and getting stuff landing on his head may have caused something that slowly killed him and no one bothered to put the pieces together. His wife DID say he wasn't feeling well the night before. But it may not be the COD. I just don't know - nothing quite makes sense.
Got a lot of crap going on at work again. Another coworker got fired for stealing, and it doesn't make any sense. I just don't understand why someone with the stature and respect this coworker had would do such a thing. It beats me. I just don't get it...
Man it sure got hot here - for a few days. It's sure nice out now though, but I feel bad for my Aussie friends. I know some of you are freezing your rear ends off, but I'm sorry, it's OUR turn to get warm - but we're not even getting much of that! It's been way too mild lately for it being summer - and way WAY too wet! I'm not sure if I'm living in Pennsylvania or Florida!
Anyways, I'm off for now, so I'll see ya'll later!


SOUL: said...

you'd know where you were livin if you were livin here in texas. wow--it's HAWT! like 105-ish HOT.
ugh. i don't usually whine about the heat, but man, it's just hot out there.

and i, like you was shocked at all the death in the news this past week or so myself. geesh. and yep the most shocking i think was billy mayes and MJ. and i really don't like either one of them. poor guys. but hey, if ya gotta go-- that's how i wanna do it-- just POOF. now ya see me now ya don't. no long drawn out drama filled battle type stuff. ya know?

anyhow-- i just came by to check in on ya and here i go bloggin in your box -- sorry. babble babble. i was supposed to be a fish, but came out me.

oh well. surprise.

ya know-- i think i just lost my marbles, i better go find em. or at least a couple of em that i can rattle around.

take care

Walter parker said...

Yeah! Melbourne Australia is mighty cold right now. And we are feeling it worse. having just spent a month in the mid to high 20's C. in the tropic weather of the South Pacific. The sharp contrast really is a shock to the system. 28 one day, 18 the next (Sydney) and 12 the next. (Melbourne.)
Oh well. Despite that it is good to be home again and in my own bed again. Take care there Lynx.