Thursday, September 17, 2009

Home at last!

I have actually been home an hour, but I'm just now getting around to writing.
I don't think I've been happier to get home from work, not that I had a bad day because I didn't. I just wanted to get out of there so bad. Something made me want to get home to the furkids more than normal. Maybe it's the anticipation of seeing Nimbus' numbers come down a little bit, I'm not sure. I just wanted to get home and away from the zoo.
And then that thought got me thinking. What if this planet is a zoo? Are we really the zookeepers or are we the exhibit? I think our kitties think we're the exhibit and that's why they bring us "presents" - like they think a mouse'll feed us! And oh dear, if they see you in water, they just look at you like you must be insane! But then when you eat something you made, they look at you like, so you don't need me to feed you, why aren't you feeding me? I'll never forget when the twins were kittens and I'd be sitting in bed eating and all of a suddenly I'd have 4 paws at the edge of my plate trying to pull the plate down. They didn't beg or even ask, they just stole it - or tried to at least. But kittens just don't know any better, you can't get mad at them, only correct them. I miss the kitten days - except for the whole packages of toilet paper shredded, the bottom of the boxspring destroyed, the shooing off the tables. I can now proudly say I have 3 very good, proper grown cats. You might get a paw on the table but that's it, it's rare we catch one ON the table and usually it's because of a very-good smelling candle. They don't shred the furniture (though sometimes Nimbus grabs on it as he stretches but we do have occasional issues with him). They all use the box except when I don't keep up on it and even then they still pee in it (they're still training ME on keeping up on it lol - but 3 cats but only 1 litterbox is a bit of a job sometimes! LOL). But don't think they're little angels, because they're not. Jadzia (and sometimes Curzon too) will hiss at the poor boy for no reason and Nimbus just takes it almost every time. Curzon has no qualms about bragging about the "present" (in his case a toy) he "caught" at midnight when I'm struggling to stay asleep. And Nimbus has no problem putting his butt in your face when you don't get up when HE wants you up. I can't complain though; for rescued kitties, and my first kittens, the twins came out very well, and Jadzia turned out to be a better Mother than I could've ever asked for, especially considering she was still a kitten herself when he came flying out.
So today I'm dedicating this blog post to the kitten memories I'll never forget - twins on the ladder begging me to get them back off of it, Curzon attacking the wrapping paper like it was a beast, Jadzia whacking the dog on the nose when she got cornered, all the Curzon baths because he got doggie-bathed lol, Curzon holding Jadzia while they slept under the table during a bad thunderstorm the night before Nimbus was born, Curzon ever-so-lightly batting Nimbus around when Nimbus couldn't even SEE Curzon probably, Nimbus trying to eat the Ivory soap, Nimbus getting in the cardboard tube right in the middle and laying down frustrating BOTH of the twins... Yes there are a lot of good memories, memories that not even photos could tell because there's no camera that can capture all the laughter that they have brought upon me and this household. No, I cannot go without kitties ever again, but I will not "buy" them, I know they'll find me, or I'll find them when they need to be found. But for now, the house is full and I'm quite happy with that (though I could sure live with many more, but I can't afford them - and that's not right to have more than you can care for even if you can love them all).

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