Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hey folks, I thought I'd share some more retro photos, in the theme of Halloween!
This one is for Rumble! This one took me the longest to find because I couldn't remember when I took it.
I can't believe I missed this pic for the last post. That is so classic Jaz. And yes, both twins have those marks in their mouths. They've had them probably since birth, definitely as long as I've had them. I'm not sure if Nimbus has them or not, I try not to keep his mouth open that long, it's asking to get bit!
When I do catch him yawning he tends to show teeth more than anything.
This is our scratching post, when it was in slightly better condition. Curzon has managed to shred one side of the bottom half pretty good, but for all the scratching and climbing, the pole's carpet is still in great shape. Mr. Cat built this many many years ago, and has had its share of cats tearing up and down it, as well as inside (there are two holes in the bottom half so that a cat can climb in and have a safe spot). Not that any of these guys do that anymore (Mr. Cat didn't build it for Coons, but for NORMAL sized cats).
You can't tell me cats don't smile... look at that face!
This picture was taken a couple years back, shortly after I got up here where I'm living now. Boo had gone missing and I couldn't find him for the world. Of course I'm worried, then I hear a weird noise coming from the kitchen. It sounded more like a mouse, but I had to go investigate it. This is what I found... How he got in and shut the door behind him without either of us seeing or hearing him - or alerting the other two cats - is still a mystery. He was having fun though! I didn't like having to rewash the stuff that was down there - oh well.
Just for comedy's sake!
This picture is many years old. Death rays!
This yawn I still can't believe to this day I caught on camera. And think, his fangs are longer now! He was at least 3 years younger then... most likely a lot more.


Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

I see the lasers... and I obey!!

OMC, you guys look like SO much fun, I wish I was closer!

Huffle Mawson said...

There can never be too many kitty pictures. Just sayin'. Happy halloween!