Friday, October 30, 2009

Looking Back

Hey folks! I thought before I posted the new pictures I'd post some of my favorites from many years ago. I will try to post the new pictures later today, but who's to say... lol.
Nimbus with his moose. This wasn't intended to be a cat toy, but he made it his. The twins had some fun with it before him, but once he was big enough to throw it around, he began "killing" it!Nimbus' retro contribution to Toes and Tummy Tuesday.
Young Boo
Jadzia's contributing too!
I stumbled upon this pic from probably before Boo was a year old... OMG I forgot he used to be so skinny and had such long legs! I guess I got used to either baby Boo or big Boo. I guess he had to grow into the legs, eh?
It's kinda hard to clean up the bathroom sink with you in it, Jaz!
All those teeth!
The Tocktober pic I told ya'll about...
Found one from Nimbus also.
The most recent of the pics, from probably 3 years back.
Sometimes you get lucky and catch a big yawn...
...Sometimes lightning strikes twice in the same photo shoot!
Sometimes even I get fooled. I was about to move this over to the Curzon folder, thinking I had mis-identified the cat (it happens even to me now and then). But rule number 1 when you have twins and you're sorting thru photos, look through all of them during that shoot. There'll be one or two in there that'll tell you who it is.
See, told ya!Jazzy just after she got fixed. The only time I've seen her skinny since just after I rescued her. She looked so much worse than she really was. Thank goodness she got some of her belly back quick. She just didn't stop there!
This is just how tiny Nimbus was when he was a baby. Don't worry he was safe. One he was under a good table, and two, mama wasn't far. But think, he was this small at a month old. You can imagine how tiny he was at birth!
Einstein furThat, my dear Curzon, is a yawn!


Simba said...

Looking back is so much fun, isn't it? Time goes by very quickly. My beans didn't have me as a kitten, so they don't have any kitten pictures, but they do have a picture of 8 PUPPIES taken by my grandpa bean almost 50 years ago. I am gonna ask my Mom to let me post it soon.

The Creek Cats said...

We love seeing vintage and baby photos! Too cute! Those tocks are floofalicious!