Saturday, October 24, 2009


Hey folks. Sorry, no pictures today. It's been too rainy and cloudy to even make me want to get the camera out much less take any pictures. We're all too busy laying around waiting for the rain to go away. It's this nasty weather that gets into the joints and just takes me places too - places I don't want to go. I remember so many times when my Mom was still alive and it'd be just like it is now and that poor woman would just be writhing in pain. For some reason, I never remember her having any painkillers on hand. I know as I got older, I did. But I never remember seeing Mom take any herself... I just remember seeing her in pain. Maybe it's just the way my brain remembers the past, tossing some pieces of the puzzle out just to drive me nuts, I don't know. But there were days she could barely walk. But on the flip side, there were days I couldn't have gotten away from her no matter how fast I ran either! It's cloudy rainy days that have me feeling way older than I really am that force me to push out all the memories that break my heart still all these years later. There are tons of fond memories - and considering how rough some of us have had it lately, I think I feel the need to share!
There was once when Mom was volunteering at the library that I decided I'd cook and deliver Mom's lunch - even though she told me not to before she left! So I cooked her a steak, diced it up, put it in a baggie, and walked it to her (just a few blocks away). Mom gave me her famous grr look but thanked me - and the rest of the library staff was apparently nearly gushing at the seams over it! I still to this day don't understand what the big deal was - considering how many times my Mom had to bring things to school that I'd forgotten!
There's the flyswatter-chase that we had with her brother - it started with chasing Mom but we quickly teamed up and chased her little brother instead! All three of us laughed so hard we could barely eat dinner that night! And don't worry, they were clean flyswatters - it all started with me pulling a prank on my uncle if I remember right.
Then there's the water balloon fight I got into with him... And Mom's the one that taught me to aim at the ground at his feet - and dang it worked brilliantly! He walked right into it - pop - and instantly it looked like he'd peed his pants! We laughed so hard I think we both nearly passed out - then he looked and started laughing too!
There's the time I was struggling all weekend with this one problem on one of my algebra assignments. I was literally pacing the floor for a while trying to think through it. Mom growls at me to stop the pacing because I was bound to wear out the floor! Then she made me sit down and play some cards with her. I didn't understand why - she was always insistant I get all my homework done first. Then when I did get back to the homework, I had it all figured out quick, and then it all made sense. She was teaching me that sometimes you have to walk away from a problem for a little bit to clear your head so you can more clearly focus on it later.
Oh and there's the time when my uncle called but my Mom was so sick her voice sounded more like a guy's. My uncle hung up on her thinking he'd dialed the wrong number and called back - to get my Mom growling at him to never hang up on her again! I'm not sure who was laughing harder - me or her! After he got over feeling two inches tall I think he was laughing too!
Anyways folks, now that I'm laughing my rear off, I'm going to head out. After all this rain, I gotta check on the creek to make sure we ain't about to float away!

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