Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Round of Who am I?

Today we're going to play another guessing game. This one, even though it "says" video, isn't. It's all about the audio. So plug in your speakers (if they're external) and crank this up. Today, you're going to guess which one of us is making the noise. The first two videos are of me purring, the last is of me giving TSB grief over what she was doing to me! So, who am I?
Am I Curzon? Or am I Jadzia, or am I Nimbus?
Purr sequence 1
Purr sequence 2

I have quite the suspicion that this one is going to be quite the puzzler too, as few of you guessed right with the last one. We are a mysterious bunch and we like to keep it that way. We hope you enjoy this round of Who am I? and let's see how long TSB can keep you in suspense!

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