Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Answer...

So who caused all the mayhem?
Ok first, let me say it wasn't a naughty cat moment. It was TSB sanctioned, and kinda TSB spurred. Ok, just cut to the chase, she was playing with us! Or we playing with her? Either way TSB was roflmao for like a gazillion hours (maybe it was how I was leaping and running... who knows).
So let's explain everything.
TSB had to order more test strips for Nimbus and the box came in the mail yesterday. The box contained 4 sheets of tissue paper (the gift kind not the toilet kind) to keep the box in place inside the shipping box. TSB had heard of cats loving it, but never gave us the chance to find out.
Well here's your first elimination. It wasn't Jadzia. She had no interest in it at all. So that tells you it was one of us boys.
Actually we both contributed to it. We were having loads of fun, and TSB swears she hasn't seen Nimbus have that much fun in a long time. But I shredded one of the sheets all by myself.
But who made the mess?
TSB still had one sheet left that was unshredded (because she made it into a ball and I didn't chase it). So she put all the shredded stuff in the middle of the unshredded one and folded it all in. Then she went all crazy on one of us and the whole bundle got shredded real good, obviously. So, who did it?




That's him leaving the scene.
Now how it happened.
As I said, she had folded it all together and then in on itself into a nice little rectangular cube. She then flipped Nimbus onto his back like they were about to have a playboxing match (and he was in the mood for it). But instead of letting him at her hand, TSB was waving the bundle around and Nimbus went to town! That's all teeth and front paw action by the way. The back paws didn't get the chance to get in on it. TSB is STILL laughing!
Now, if this works, this will post itself in the am while TSB is off hunting so ya'll can laugh. Be well!


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