Monday, May 10, 2010

The Much-Anticipated Triple Whammy Post!

Howdy folks. I know I'm late - way late. Sorry. But hey, it's noontime SOMEWHERE in the US, so I guess it still kinda counts, right?Well the wait was worth it, or so I hope you think so at least. We have a triple post smashed into one big one today! We start off with Mancat Monday - Prince Version. Then we go to Mommy Monday, a belated celebration of our resident mamacat! Then we head to Mancat Monday, King Version!

Today was a good day. I was visited by all the cats at least once, and for a while (I don't know how long because they lulled me to sleep), I had all 3! I still can't figure out why Jadzia's being so mean to the boy, but I guess she's just perma-mad at him for worrying her so much! Either that or she doesn't think he's tough enough! Maybe she forgot about the time he really put her in her spot. Boy, the words leading up to that throw-down must've been rough, because I have NEVER before - or since- seen him get that angry. I do know though that she had been taunting him all day and that surely sent the boy over the edge. In the more than a year since that slam-down, he has mellowed out even more, so it's all good.
So anyway, let's get this party started!

Part 1: Mancat Monday, Prince Version
Nimbus was with me when I woke up the second time this morning, curled up at my feet. After I woke up and all that stuff, he came back and joined me, first laying just behind me on my left side, than on my lap! We had a good hour of purring, scritchin, cuddlin snuggles before he wanted to slide off to the side of the bed and get some sleep... It was obvious he was on mommy - guard duty this morning. He did a good job!
Ain't he just the sweetest? He even held my hand! Yes, I love my Boo just as much as my twins... I think he knows it too. He better! MOL!!!!!!

Part 2: Mommy Monday!
I regretted not giving more love to Jadzia yesterday, being Mommy Day, but I was tired, and Mr. Cat and I went out to lunch shortly after I got off of work, so there wasn't too much of me left by the time I got home! So in a belated celebration, I gave the kitties some of my milk, making sure Jadzia got some too! After Boo had gone off to the side of the bed to sleep, she came up and got some cuddles and scritchies. She was so happy, I won't embarrass her with the resulting uhm... Yeah I will! She was so happy she was drooling all over the place! She only does it when REALLY happy though, so I guess my mission was accomplished!
(If you look closely on HER left side, you can see a little drop of drool in a couple pictures!)

Part 3: Mancat Monday, King Version!
After a while and some shifting around, I finally had all 3 cats with me with the arrival of Curzon from house-guard duty. We started off with him trying to figure out what was going on, then to him suddenly getting inbetween me and my writing! Silly cat!


Eventually he settled down and got to work, making sure I got a very restful nap in, and trust me, he was quite successful. He stayed with me through all my moving, trying to get comfy, which for him even is rare!

So all in all, as you can see, everything went very well today. We all hope that you all have had a wonderful weekend. We are very thankful that the winds have finally calmed down, but we are very worried about those in the midwest with a bullseye on them for severe weather today. Most of my family is still out there, and so it will be a nervous day for me until they are out of the woods.
Be well everyone!

TSB and the Clan

(A couple post-blog pics from just before this post got put up:)
 Here's a better pic of how much fur Nimbus got snipped off. I found a few more mats on his pantaloons, but it should grow back in time for Tocktober, hopefully. We ARE still partying all month, right? And yes, the picture doesn't lie, Curzon was laying right up against the boy and Boo didn't move. They're cool like that.
I'm not even shrinking this one down any more, it's too rare. But notice Curzon's between mother and son, 'cause otherwise this pic would be absolutely impossible. I am holding her down but not hard, trust me if she wanted to get away she would've been across the apartment before I had even been able to react! She's slippery like that! Curzon loves his sister so much, he'll give her at least a headbath anytime he can get close to her, which usually requires my intervention to at least keep her there, because she tends to run off when touched. Even a naughty cat like Curzon has a soft side. And he's been very naughty as of late. I'm still trying to get to the bottom of his protests. He hasn't protested like this since he was a kitten, but *knock on wood* he hasn't in a couple days. MAYBE I have fixed the problem? I hope, I hope, I so hope!

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